Hiking makes you cheerful. Hiking brings contentment. At the foot of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, fantastic hiking routes are available  to all, including couch potatoes, those who enjoy sports or exercise fans. Either go part way by train or the entire trail by foot - it's up to you.

Get all of the information and GPS data now for your next hiking trip to Schynige Platte, Grindelwald-First, Harder Kulm, Kleine Scheidegg or Winteregg-Mürren. Each mountain provides an amazing view of the famous triple peaks or the Brienz and Thun Lakes.

Whether for a day trip or a hiking holiday - you travel from Zurich or Basel in less than two hours to the departure point at Interlaken Ost. It takes only one hour to get there from Bern. To the timetable


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