100 Years of Jungfrau Railway

A 250-metre journey of discovery at Europe’s highest-altitude railway station

The new attraction "Alpine Sensation" at Jungfraujoch - Top of Europe has officially openend at April 1st 2012.

A 250-meter-long journey of discovery

Project description:
On 1 April 2012, a 250-metre-long round-tour experience subway, the Alpine Sensation, has officially opened to mark the centenary of the Jungfrau Railway. The new attraction creates a direct link between the Sphinx Hall and the Ice Palace with moving walkways transporting guests on steeper sections. Particular highlights will be experience alcoves in which the touristic development in the Alps and history of the Jungfrau Railway are staged. With individual images, light and music, the Alpine Sensation illustrates the past and present of tourism in the Jungfrau Region, Adolf Guyer-Zeller’s ingenious idea and the extreme efforts made during construction of the Jungfrau Railway.

Main attractions within the project:
In addition to the subway system as a measure to spread visitor flow, a film-projection room was created in the Sphinx Hall and next to it the Edelweiss Cavern with a giant snow dome and original photo images.  The topics of "A longing for the mountains" and “The construction of the Jungfrau Railway” will be staged on the two moving walkway sections. Before descending into the Ice Palace, visitors will be able to marvel at Europe’s highest-altitude karst cave.

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