The Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway and Jungfrau Railways are planning to build a V-cableway that will provide access to both the Eiger and the Männlichen Glacier. From a common terminal in Grindelwald Grund, a tricable gondola leads to the Eiger Glacier and an eight-person gondola leads to Männlichen Glacier. The V-cableway will have a connection to public transport via the BOB at the new Rothenegg station. The journey times to the Jungfraujoch and the ski area be shortened considerably. With its eight integrated components, the V-cableway project is designed for the entire Jungfrau region and pursues the main objectives of quality and future. 

Jungfraubahnen statement

We are delighted by the positive verdict expressed by the local population. We would like to thank everyone for this vote of confidence in us.
This is a Yes to a project that, with its eight integral components, should enhance the attractiveness of the entire Jungfrau region. Due to the No vote cast by the mountain community, that particular project cannot be implemented at this time. However, the positive verdict expressed by the local population gives us the opportunity to analyse in dialogue with the mountain community the conditions that may enable a right of overhead access to be granted if a new case were to be put forward.

Media reporting on the Grindelwald community referendum held on 24 October 2014:


Start of construction and duration

Target: Application for building permit in 2016
Target: Realisation in 2017/2018

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