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BMW xDrive Cup

Experience unforgettable moments on the slopes
With the BMW xDrive Cup Highlights, not only can you experience a lot of fun on the slopes in the Jungfrau Ski Region, you can also access pictures and movies online again and again. In addition to your personal altitude performance, you can also capture very special moments. 

Where enjoyment plays the starring role: your BMW xDrive Ski Movie.
This is what World Cup stars look like: We film your run from the BMW xDrive Cup Ski Movie start house to the finish line, and we provide you with the ski movie to download including your time results. And you? Register at the start with your ski pass, wait for the signal and enjoy – first your run and then your film. 

Time for best performances: Your BMW xDrive Speed Photo.
What do you get when you go to the BMW xDrive Speed ​​Photo gate, register with your ski pass and start at the signal? A photo of yourself in downhill position including individual time results. And a great memory. 

A memory that lasts - BMW xDrive Photo Point
Imagine: A picture of a day on the slopes – and you right in the middle of it all. At the BMW Photo Point, everyone can enjoy being caught by our "radar". Because the photo in front of the unique mountain panorama costs you nothing – except for  a smile. What do you have to do for this? Just hold your ski pass to the sensor and turn your face to the camera.
Download your experiences on the slopes after free registration

BMW xDrive Cup – The winter competition
On 1 December 2014, the BMW xDrive Cup 2014/2015 season begins. There at the start: All kinds of attractive prizes and lots of fun on  the slopes. Start with us and collect a total of nine different badges, for example, when buying a ski pass, riding the ski movie giant slalom course or while night skiing. 
More information about these very special points and the BMW xDrive Cup

BMW xDrive Cup – The Prizes
The BMW xDrive Cup is one-of-a-kind – and offers three times as many chances of winning. A new BMW X1 will be drawn from all participants who have collected at least 15 badges by 30/04/2015 at the season draw. Everyone who earns at least five badges within one month will have the chance to win an exclusive K2 LTD BMW Powder Ride Ski in the monthly draw. A BMW Ice Perfection Training in Sweden awaits the participant who has collected the most total badges from 01/12/2014 to 30/04/2015. Look forward to an unforgettable driver training in snow and ice in the Arctic Circle – and many unforgettable experiences at the BMW xDrive Cup 2014/2015. 
More information about the prizes

You can register now at www.bmw-mountains.com then start off and win.

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