100 Years of Jungfrau Railway

The Jungfrau shone for the Jungfrau Railway centenary

Light artist Gerry Hofstetter lit up the Jungfrau in the first two weeks of January 2012. During this time, he and his team camped at 3380 metres above sea level, on the glacier below the summit of the Jungfrau. The group had to brave temperatures of minus 25 degrees and also endured a storm.

With the illumination of the Jungfrau, Gerry Hofstetter launched the start of celebrations for the Jungfrau Railway centenary.  On 21 February 1912, Italian miners used a massive charge of dynamite to make the breakthrough to daylight on the Jungfraujoch. They completed the construction of the railway tunnel through the rock of the Eiger and Mönch mountains to the highest-altitude railway station in Europe.

Photos of the third illumination - 4 January 2012

Here you can see photos of another illumination of 4 January. At this time all signs were visible.

Photos of the second illumination - 3 January 2012

The first illumination on the evening of 1 January was followed by this second illumination on 3 January.

Photos of the first illumination - 1 January 2012

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Light artist Gerry Hofstetter and his crew set up their camp and operations centre at an altitude of 3300 metres just below the snow-capped summit of the Jungfrau. At this altitude temperatures can fall to minus 30 degrees Celsius. The team took with them enough food supplies for three weeks – because in poor weather conditions rescue helicopters cannot land. On the evening of 3 January, Swiss Television broadcast this coverage to viewers. Here you can see the coverage of Swiss Television:

Dokumentation im deutschen Fernsehen

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