Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm hiking trails

Status Typ Nr Name Dauer Details
2 2 72 Interlaken Ost - Harder Kulm 2h 30min Details
2 2 73 Interlaken Ost - Goldswil - Bleiki - Harder Kulm 2h 50min Details
2 2 74 Interlaken Ost - Goldswil - Baumgartisegg - Harder Kulm 4h Details
2 2 75 Interlaken Ost - Ringgenberg - Graggentor - Harder Kulm 5h 30min Details
2 2 76 Harder Kulm Loop Trail 1h Details

The path has been cleared by the authorities for use. Hikers do so on their own responsibility. They must be objectively assured of the accessibility of the path and of their own subjective abilities, including those of their charges. This is determined according to the external circumstances such as weather conditions (rain, snow, black ice etc.) and the personal requirements such as fitness and surefootedness. The marked degrees of difficulty and the notes on the following website will help you decide: http://www.wanderplaner.ch/sommer/rund-ums-wandern/vorbereitung/

Hiking trails are for families of all ages with weather-resistant clothing and sturdy shoes. A risk is always present. Complete and permanent security cannot be guaranteed. In corresponding weather, natural events such as spring avalanches, debris flows and rock falls during intense precipitation must be expected.

Mountain trails are intended for people who are proficient and comfortable with the mountains and have the appropriate equipment including clothes and shoes. Hikers must always expect dangerous natural events such as rock slides or avalanches.

Rock climbing for experienced hikers with a climbing harness and additional equipment for belaying. Possible for beginners only if accompanied by a mountain guide.

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