Sherlock Holmes in the Ice Palace

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London will make a pilgrimage to the Bernese Oberland in September 2012. Last week, British artist John Doubleday created a Sherlock Holmes statue on the Jungfraujoch.

Last week, John Doubleday worked 15-hour days in the Ice Palace on the Jungfraujoch and created a work of art. He transformed a block of ice over two metres high into a sculpture of Sherlock Holmes. The master detective, complete with hat and pipe, is now immortalized in ice at over 3500 metres above sea level.

Born in 1947, sculptor John Doubleday has worked in many countries including China, India and South Africa. He uses mostly bronze for his sculptures but in his career has also created works in wax, plaster, wood, clay and ice.

The ice sculpture launches a project by the Sherlock Holmes Society of London, which has organized regular pilgrimages to Switzerland since 1968. This year, the Sherlock Holmes pilgrimage will take place from 9 to 16 September and take in Interlaken, the Jungfraujoch and the Haslital valley. Up to 70 members of the society will join in the “Immortal Sherlock Holmes Pilgrimage”. Each member will embody a character from a Sherlock Holmes novel and wear an appropriate 19th century costume. On arrival in Interlaken, the group will parade through the town. During the stay in the Jungfrau Region, society members will also visit the Sherlock Holmes ice sculpture on the Jungfraujoch and accompany the Jungfrau Railway centenary celebrations. The last day of the trip will be dedicated to the famous death struggle between Holmes and his arch-rival James Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls in the Haslital valley.

Switzerland Tourism, Interlaken Tourism, Haslital Tourism and Jungfrau Railways are sponsoring this year’s pilgrimage by the Sherlock Holmes Society as official partners.

published 14.03.2012

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