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Jungfrau Railways is one of the largest employers in the region, as well as a powerful economic force. The company enjoys a high degree of recognition and media attention in Switzerland as well as worldwide. It is under constant observation, particularly locally, by the public, media and employees. Public appearance and behaviour have a direct influence on the image of the company. In order to allow Jungfrau Railways to go about its activities, it relies on the cooperation and goodwill of various stakeholders. Jungfrau Railways is located within diverse environmental spheres and interest groups. Jungfrau Railways intends to live up to its responsibility and make a sustained effort for the success of the region's future.

Jungfrau Railways as an employer and taxpayer

At the end of 2017, Jungfrau Railways (alliance of Jungfraubahn Holding AG and Berner Oberland-Bahnen AG) had a total staff of 852 employees, divided into 647 full time and 205 part time positions. Of these, 699 employees (FTE) were employed with the Jungfrau Railway Group. Jungfrau Railways attaches great importance to the education and training of employees. A total of 34 apprentices are being trained in various areas. The prosperity of the Jungfrau Group also means annual tax revenue for the Jungfrau Region and the cantons of Bern and Wallis. In recent years, taxes were between 7 and 11 million Swiss francs.

Jungfrau Railways as an investor

Over the last ten years, Jungfrau Railways has invested 363 million francs in infrastructure and projects in the Jungfrau Region, generating considerable work for local and regional companies. In all its projects, the company attaches importance to assigning work to local companies whenever possible. In the winter sports seasons 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, over five million francs flowed into winter sports, primarily into snow-making and the extension of the freestyle offer.

Jungfrau Railways as a sponsor and patron

Jungfrau Railways follows a clear sponsoring strategy, in order to continually strengthen its brand awareness and image, at the same time as assuming its responsibility as a powerful economic force through its commitments. It is the main sponsor of many events and, as a rail company, it assumes transport services to a great extent. This means not only financial, but also personal expenditure (payment in kind). In addition, Jungfrau Railways attaches great importance to supporting local and regional institutions, initiatives and projects. Through this support, the company wants the local population to share in its success, secure the survival of these associations and enable the creation of local initiatives. Annual subscriptions for memberships in associations/organisations from the areas of tourism, winter sports, nature, the environment, national economy and public transport are intended to promote the attraction of the entire region. In addition, the Jungfrau Railway Group paid a total of 173,896 francs in the 2017 financial year for the promotion of tourism in Interlaken and the Jungfrau Region.

For regional value creation

The market research carried out by Z-Analyse in 2013/2014 shows that over four fifths of Jungfraujoch visitors stayed overnight in the Jungfrau Region. On average, 74% of their customers visit the Jungfrau Region because of the Jungfraujoch – this figure is 87% for Asian customers. Therefore, Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe and the Jungfrau Railway are clearly a magnet for the region and the central USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of the entire Jungfrau Region. As the event organiser of the SnowpenAir concert, Jungfrau Railways annually bring 10,000 spectators to the Grindelwald-Wengen ski region. They create a regional value of around five million francs.

With the V-Cableway project, Jungfrau Railways and the Männlichen Railway are investing in the future of the entire region. The project is having positive effects on value creation and employment, during both the building and operating phases.

For the environment

A pristine environment and nature are of great importance to Jungfrau Railways. It places great value on environmental awareness and taking care of the natural environment and surroundings during its everyday activity and during implementation of construction projects. If there is any impairment, however, appropriate "replacement measures" are provided in the immediate vicinity as compensation. Jungfrau Railways is committed to energy efficiency, particularly during winter sports operation. An example is the use of the Pistenbully E+ with diesel-electric drive, which is far more environmentally friendly and uses less fuel. With the slope and fleet management system, SnowSat, technical snow-making can be optimised and resources can be saved thanks to the measurement of snow depth. Based on knowledge about snow cover, damage to the land is avoided and, after the season end, the optimal conditions for the soonest possible vegetation development are guaranteed.

Promotion of UNESCO World Natural Heritage

Jungfrau Railways was a co-initiator of the idea to make the Jungfrau-Aletsch area the first UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Alps, and it has supported this since its inception. The company takes its responsibility for the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site seriously and attaches great importance to its care and protection. It has intensified its cooperation with the SAJA Management Centre as part of the opening of the World Nature Forum in summer 2016 and, since 2017, has expanded its current support for strengthening of the label. During construction of the V-Cableway and after putting it into operation, it will fully respect the aims and stipulations of the world heritage organisation.

Promotion of public transport offers

Jungfrau Railways was one of the first and largest ski destinations in 2015, when it launched the public transport branch of the Swiss Pass. It supports links between public transport and winter sports. The Swiss Pass underscores its aim to bring winter sports visitors from road to rail. In order to further promote travel by public transport, the Jungfrau Ski Region is part of the "Snow 'n' Rail" offer from SBB and RailAway. It is one of the 40 most popular ski regions, which offers discounts for the ski pass in combination with a public transport ticket.

As one of the largest employers in the region and a powerful economic force, Jungfrau Railways takes its responsibility towards stakeholders seriously and advocates the successful continued development of the Jungfrau Region for the next generation. It dies this in its role as employer, taxpayer, investor and sponsor. The company supports regional value creation and, with the realisation of large projects, invests in the future of an entire region. During its activities, Jungfrau Railways focuses on sustainability, with the greatest regard to nature and the environment. CSR reporting is implemented through specific channels, in line with the online financial report of the Jungfrau Group, with focal points that change every year.


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