2014 Consolidated Statement of Income 1. Semester 2014/2013

(in thousand CHF)20142013Varation

Operating revenue   
Income from transport business59'00357'5861'417
Income from energy business4'5934'52271
Souvenir shops2'1382'08850
Income from services2'2882'401-113
Rental income3'3483'122226
Other income3'8413'393448
Total operating revenue79'53277'4262'106

Operating expenses   
Staff costs-27'592-26'677-915
Purchase of energy-1'736-2'087351
Cost of goods sold-1'019-969-50
Other operating expenses-20'437-19'102-1'335
Total operating expenses-50'784-48'835-1'949

Depreciation on tangible fixed assets-13'530-13'318-212
Depreciation on intangible assets-344-339-5
Total depreciations-13'874-13'657-217

Operating Profit / EBIT14'87414'934-60

Financial income / expenses   
Financial income229125104
revenue from associated companies0-622622
Financial expenses-56-11963
Total financial income / expenses173-616789

Income before tax / EBT15'04714'318729
Income taxes-3'224-3'108-116

Income before minority interests11'82311'210613
Minority interests-97-10710

Net profit for the period11'72611'103623
  • The unaudited consolidated half-yearl financial statement of Jungfraubahn Holding AG has been compiled in
    accordance with Swiss GAAP FER 12 professional recommendations on financial statements. The accounting
    principles applied are identical to those in the 2013 financial report.
  • In the income statement the income from services is now reported as a separate item and is not included in other income.
    The previous year is figures have been adjusted accordingly.
  • In the balance sheet of the current year several individual items were reclassified from trada accounts receivables
    to other receivables. The previous year's year figures have also been reclassified: CHF 1'962 per 31.12.2013 were
    moved from the trada accounts receivables to other receivables.
  • Because of different offers, Jungfrau Railways business activity is not marked by any significant seasonal effects-
  • Up to approval of this half-yearly financial statement by the Jungfraubahn Holding AG Executive Board on 2th
    September 2014, no further occurrences were known which could result in an adjustment of the book values of
    Group assets and liabilities, or which must be disclosed at this point.