2014 Group Balance Sheet Jungfrau Railway Holding AG

at 31 December
(in CHF thousand)2014%2013%
Current assets    
Cash and cash equivalents49'697 58'668 
Trade accounts receivable7'910 9'110 
Other receivables174 2'420 
Inventories1'268 976 
Prepayments and accrued revenues7'808 6'702 
Total current assets66'85711.777'87614.1

Fixed Assets    
Financial assets4'339 5'450 
Tangible assets492'446 464'293 
Intangible assets5'818 4'445 
Total fixed assets502'60388.3474'18885.9

Total assets569'460100.0552'064100.0

Liabilities and shareholders' equity   
Accounts payable18'504 19'408 
Short-term debt740 740 
Other liabilities6'722 4'790 
Provisions919 4'598 
Accruals and deferred income15'080 17'724 
Total current liabilities 41'9657.447'2608.6

Long-term debt23'022 20'523 
Provisions43'648 44'006 
Total long-term liabilities66'67011.764'52911.7
Total liabilities108'63519.1111'78920.3

Shareholders' equity    
Share capital8'7538'753
Capital reserves-2'259 -2'573 
Treasury shares-1'561 -1'678 
Consolidated reserves420'190 400'480 
Minority interests5'350 5'128 

Net profit of the year30'352 30'165 
Total shareholder's equity460'82580.9440'27579.7

Total liabilities and shareholders' equity569'460100.0552'064100.0