Change in the Executive Board of the Jungfrau Railway Group

A change will take place in the Executive Board at the Annual General Meeting of Jungfraubahn Holding AG on May 22, 2017. The current vice president, Dr. Jürg Rieben, will no longer stand for re-election. The CEO of the Berner Kantonalbank, Hanspeter Rüfenacht, is being put forward as the new member of the Executive Board.

The Jungfraubahn Holding AG Executive Board was informed by Dr. Jürg Rieben at the meeting on Monday, 27 March 2017, that he would no longer be available for re-election at the Annual General Meeting on 22 May. The Executive Board of the Jungfraubahn Group has decided to propose the CEO of the Berner Kantonalbank (BEKB) Hanspeter Rüfenacht as a new member at the Annual General Meeting. After the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Board will reform. 

Hanspeter Rüfenacht can look back on a long career at the Berner Kantonalbank AG. After holding several senior positions in private and corporate banking, as well as in credit management at the Schweizerischen Bankgesellschaft and later the UBS, the 59-year-old moved to the BEKB as head of credit management as early as the end of 1999. In 2002, he became Head of the Department for Consulting and Sales, and at the same time was elected a member of the Executive Board. Since the beginning of 2012, Hanspeter Rüfenacht has been the CEO of the Berner Kantonalbank. A native of Spiez, he is President of the Volkswirtschaftlichen Gesellschaft des Kantons Bern as well as an Executive Board member of  the Handels- und Industrievereins des Kantons Bern and the Verband Schweizerischer Kantonalbanken. Hanspeter Rüfenacht is married and has four children.

Long-term member to be bid farewell
Dr. Jürg Rieben has been Vice Chairman of the Executive Board since the founding of Jungfraubahn Holding AG in 1994, and since 2004 also a member of the Executive Board of Jungfraubahnen Management AG. As early as 1992, the lawyer specialising in commercial law, was elected to the administrative boards of the then Jungfraubahn-Gesellschaft and the Wengernalpbahn-Gesellschaft. In 2002, Jürg Rieben was elected Chairman of the Audit Committee of the Jungfrau Railway Group. Jürg Rieben will be bid farewell as a long-term member of the Executive Board at the Annual General Meeting of Jungfraubahn Holding AG on 22 May 2017.