The V-cableway Project

The Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway and Jungfrau Railways are building a V-cableway to access both the Eigergletscher and Männlichen. A tri-cable aerial cableway will travel to the Eigergletscher and ten-seater aerial gondolas will travel to Männlichen, both starting from a joint terminal in Grindelwald Grund.

The V-cableway will have a link to public transport with the new Berner Oberland-Bahn (BOB) Rothenegg railway station. Travel time to the Jungfraujoch and the ski region will be significantly shortened by 47 minutes. With eight integrated elements, the V-cableway project is a project for the entire Jungfrau region, pursuing the main objectives of quality and future.

Start of construction: Summer 2018
Commissioning new GGM December 2019 / Eigerexpress December 2020

Purpose and goal

The V-Cableway secures the medium and long term successful future of tourism throughout the entire Jungfrau region as a top year-round destination in Swiss tourism. It strengthens the competitiveness of the Jungfraujoch as a beacon known worldwide, and it helps the winter sports destination reach the top position in international competition.

Capacity and time savings

Benefits of opening up the Eiger Glacier with tricable gondola: Capacity and time savings


  Today Eigerexpress Change
Summer capacity per hour (Joch) 888 persons/hour 1’160 persons/hour  
Winter capacity per hour (K.S. / Egl.)
Grindelwald side
Lauterbrunnen side
1’900 persons/hour
960 persons/hour
940 persons/hour
3’480 persons/hour
2’720 persons/hour
760 persons/hour
Travel time from Grund to the Jungfraujoch 1 hr 10 min 45 min  25 min less
Travel time from Lauterbrunnen to J'joch 1 hr 28 min 1 hr 28 min  
Travel time from I. Ost - Jungfraujoch 2 hr 00 min 1 hr 30 min  30 min less
Travel time Bern – Jungfraujoch 3 hr 01 min 2 hr 31 min  30 min less
Travel time Bern – Eiger Glacier (winter) 2 hr 31 min 1 hr 49 min  42 min less
Travel time Bern –  Männlichen 2 hr 16 min 1 hr 53 min  23 min less
Jungfraujoch guests/year 800’000 900’000  
Jungfraujoch capacity limit per day 5’000 5’000  

Video V-Cableway Project

Video V-Cableway Project

Video V-Cableway Project


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