Grindelwald First Pistenfahrzeug Wetterhorn Schreckhorn Schnee

Pistenbully rides

The black slope is no longer a challenge? Then it is time to ride them at night. And on caterpillars instead of boards. As a co-pilot of the slope preparer, climb steep slopes in the dark, watch as the machine pulverises lumps and moves snow masses – this is a different way to ride (night) black slopes.

As long as the shift of the bully driver lasts: 6-8 hours

Daily from 4 PM in the Grindelwald-First or Kleine Scheidegg ski area (only by appointment and only in good weather conditions)

Only by telephone at Firstbahn on + 41 33 828 77 11

260 Swiss francs

Firstbahn AG Dorfstrasse 187
3818 Grindelwald
+41 33 828 72 33