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Lily’s Alpine Playground by Marc Trauffer

Younger guests can also experience “Top of Swiss Tradition” on the Schynige Platte: at the new playground right next to the mountain hotel. This is where the wooden cow Lily and her friends invite the little ones to play. Lily, cats, chickens and other companions are not just anyone: they are the well-known originals from the “Children's Dream Factory” from Trauffer’s wooden toys. And none other than the local dialect singer, pop star and “Alpentainer” Marc Trauffer is the patron of the playground. Like no other Swiss musician, he represents joyful and fun entertainment. And what about the parents? They can make themselves comfortable at the playground and be enchanted by the stunning mountain panorama. This is real Swiss “alpine-tainment” for the whole family.

Opening times

Launching in Summer 2019
Probably from the beginning of July until 27 October 2019
Rail Info Interlaken Höheweg 35
3800 Interlaken
+41 33 828 72 33