Strategic goals, arguments & positioning


The Grindelwald - Männlichen gondola and Jungfrau Railways pursue the<br/>following strategic objectives with the V-train: <br/><br/>

  • Creating prospects for the next generations
  • With investments, ensuring year-round operation and preserving the GGM as well as the Wengernalp Railway
  • Increasing the competitiveness of Top of Europe through shorter journey times
  • Increasing attractiveness of winter sports destination with short loading times, exciting descents and connected ski areas
  • Increasing comfort for guests staying in the area by decongesting traffic
  • Promoting public transport with direct connections (Grindelwald Terminal station)
  • Solve traffic and parking problems
  • Increasing the quality of the WAB and Jungfrau Railway (eliminating standing areas, shortening travel times, increasing capacity)
  • Significantly improving the Eiger Face experience with planned Eigerexpress tricable gondola

Benefits of V-project

  • With their shared terminal and the direct public transport connection, the new tracks offer a striking improvement in quality for guests in both summer and winter
  • Ski resort filling time according to the international standard, shuttle trains become service facilities.
  • The planned terminal with shops, food corner and ski storage is setting new standards in Swiss tourism.
  • By connecting the V-Cableway to public transport directly, the arrival times from Swiss cities and the commuter areas are reduced significantly.
  • The V-Cableway ensures the long-term competitiveness of the Jungfraujoch. Only in this way can winter sports in Grindelwald and Wengen be ensured in the long term, and with it the existence of the First Railway.
  • Thanks to the new rolling stock on the Wengeralp Railway (WAB), Wengen is becoming more accessible and attractive to holiday guests.
  • The entire region is becoming more attractive. The resorts, especially the hotel industry, hotel-related businesses and local businesses, are thus strengthened.
  • Thanks to the shorter journey, there is also time for a stay throughout the region and for further visits to surrounding destinations: First, Schynige Platte, Harder Kulm.
  • The junctions of Grindelwald Grund, Lauterbrunnen and Kleine Scheidegg are being decongested.
  • The return trip with the longest rack railway in the world remains and will become even more attractive with the new rolling stock from the WAB.
  • With the connection of the terminal to public transport, the improved access to Wengen and the creation of jobs, the V-Cableway project is of economic importance for the entire Jungfrau Region and the canton of Bern.

Classification of the V-Cableway project

The V-Cableway secures the medium and long term successful future of tourism throughout the entire Jungfrau Region as a top year-round destination in Swiss tourism. It strengthens the competitiveness of the Jungfraujoch as a beacon known worldwide, and it helps the winter sports destination reach the top position in international competition.

  • Future of winter sports

    The new cableways ensure the long-term future of winter sports in the Jungfrau ski region.

    • The shuttle bus is an attractive option for travelling to the ski area
    • Significant reduction in travel time (47 minutes faster to the piste)
    • New terminal with ski depots, sports shop, food corner and direct public transport connection
    • Two attractive, modern feeder cableways from a common terminal
    • No queuing at the feeder cableways (all-day)
    • Valley pistes are at the winter sports areas
    • Greater selection of pistes for visitors thanks to rapid transport between ski areas
  • Economic benefit for the region

    The V-Cableway project has great economic significance for the Jungfrau Region and above all for Grindelwald. A significantly positive impact on employment and value creation is expected in the construction phase as well as during the operational phase.


    • Between 182 and 592 jobs can be secured or created in Grindelwald.
    • The resulting value added is between 30 and 67 million Swiss francs.
    • The V-Cableway project is an important component for allowing Grindelwald and the Jungfrau Region to be positioned as premium destinations.
    • Sightseeing tourism on the Jungfraujoch thus provides important support.
    • The improved public transport connection greatly increases the attractiveness of the railway.

    Canton of Bern:

    • In the canton of Bern, between 342 and 776 new jobs will be created, generating an added value of 53 to 105 million Swiss francs.
    • The project generates total annual tax revenues of 11 to 14.6 million Swiss francs.
  • Significance for Swiss tourism

    Switzerland is a top international destination in winter and summer

    • New railways and modern facilities ensure international competitiveness for winter sports and Jungfraujoch, and Switzerland's role as a beacon to tourism
    • A significantly shorter travel time to the ski area and to Jungfraujoch ensures that an important criterion for the selection of a destination is met
    • International attention through promotion on the global markets
    • Returning to the European markets in winter sports thanks to modern facilities, a terminal unrivalled in Switzerland, rapid travel time and attractive connection to the ski area
  • Advantages of the Eigerexpress

    • The new tricable gondola ideally integrates into the landscape.
    • There are two positive ENHK reports on the line.
    • There are no forest aisles.
    • The masts lie outside the water management area and only at the edge of cultivated land.
    • The project has been tested for environmental compatibility.
    • The route provides optimal control of the flow of guests and strengthens the "Eigerness" driving experience in front of the Eiger north face.
    • There is no need for a stopover, which avoids encroaching on nature.
    • Alpine farms remain untouched.
    • The facility is acoustically and visually discreet.
    • The year-round operation creates part-time and seasonal jobs for farmers.
    • The facility is 100% removable.
    • In addition, compensation for mountain community transit rights (CHF 250,000 annually) will be paid.
    • A tricable gondola only requires a few supports, has a high wind stability and a high flow rate.
    • The gondolas with 28 seats offer a high level of guest comfort.
    • There is no other alternative that spares nature more than the "Eigerexpress" tricable gondola.
  • Public transport/transport connection

    Direct connection to public transport significantly shortens the travel time and displaces traffic from the street to the cableway

    • 47 minute shorter journey from all Swiss towns to the ski area and to Jungfraujoch
    • Investments in new rolling stock for BOB, WAB and JB; capacity increase at the BOB
    • Direct connection to airport planned (STEP 2030)
    • Combined offer - cableway and ski tickets
    • An additional 240 seats per hour on the BOB towards Grindelwald with the rolling stock concept 2018
    • Additional courses are possible with increasing demand with an additional 250 seats to Grindelwald
    • Limit on the MIV day guests
    • Decentralisation of the transport hubs, Lauterbrunnen, Grindelwald Grund and Kleine Scheidegg
    • Decades-old problems for built-up areas are solved
    • New car park with around 1000 spaces

    Accompanying measures:

    • parking guidance system, parking management and guidance regarding price and quantity as well as restriction of winter parking spaces in Grindelwald
    • Additional winter parking spaces in the Wilderswil area
  • Quality and & future

    The V-Cableway ensures the successful future of tourism, on a medium and long-term basis, in the entire Jungfrau Region and offers a superior infrastructure for guests and locals

    • The project creates prospects for the next generation
    • New rolling stock and modern, new railways for more guest comfort
    • More capacity means no waiting times and standing room
    • Terminal with guest management & Shopping facilities
    • Ensuring competitiveness for Jungfraujoch
    • Ensuring competitiveness as a winter sports destination
    • Short journey time increases attractiveness of the region for day guests
    • More time for various destinations thanks to shorter journey times
    • Public transport is more attractive due to direct connection and decreases road traffic: Reduction of exhaust fumes and congestion
    • No standing room due to seat reservation
    • Customer information system at all railways
    • More travel comfort for locals and individual guests, thanks to decentralisation of the transport hubs, car park and parking guidance system
    • New infrastructure of high international standard
    • Entire project with eight integrated components enhances the status of the entire region
    • Increase in the attractiveness of the location through better public transport provision
    • V-Cableway as cornerstone for destination development as a premium destination
    • Infrastructure contract with the Grindelwald area guarantees investments in attractive infrastructure for the local population
    • Sustainability funds for the Lütschinen valleys ensures the means to realise lasting projects for the region
  • Significance of WAB

    The WAB is retained and is an important regional offer for tourism

    • 365-day regular operation guaranteed
    • Connection to BOB guaranteed
    • Transit right for Eigerexpress only valid as long as WAB runs regularly
    • Skipass valid on WAB with no limit
    • New rolling stock means that the world's longest cog railway round trip increases its allure
    • Better provision for Wengen from Wengen shuttle at the WAB
    • The freight traffic to Brandegg, Alpiglen and Kleine Scheidegg runs via the WAB
    • Contract with the Wärgistal mountain community on securing the future of WAB was signed
    • Increased attractiveness for Kleine Scheidegg without transit traffic to the Jungfraujoch