Louchi is a little snow hare. He lives at the foot of the Louchernhorn. One spring morning, he sees a mountain ash tree far below in the Schynige Platte Botanical Alpine Garden. Just the right thing for him - and he make his way down. He has many exciting encounters in his search for the tree. There's the fluffy edelweiss, the good arnica or the busy snow mouse. But where is the tree with the berries? Maybe the black grouse can help.

The text is written in German. The book contains many lovingly designed illustrations, it has 31 pages and it is 31x22 cm (LxW) in size.
Idea and illustrations: Esther Brunner

"Louchi the Snow Hare" children's book (in English)

A children's book about the history of mountain hares on Schynige Platte.
CHF 15.00
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