The book focuses on people who have chosen a 150-year-old profession that is steeped in tradition with deep roots in Grindelwald

The 50 portraits of strong personalities and characters, their sometimes humorous, sometimes quite thought-provoking short stories and naturally the facts about each mountain guide, provide the reader with a unique view "behind the scenes". The guides personally describe their most beautiful views; which are sometimes touching, close to home, an inspiration of wanderlust, profound or simply beautiful. The book is a tribute to people who embody Grindelwald as the origin of Alpine mountaineering.

The texts by various authors from Grindelwald are written in English. The book has 100 pages and is 17x24 cm in size.

Book: Views from Mountain Guides of Grindelwald (in Englisch)

Who, if not mountain guides, enjoy the most beautiful views while on the job?
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