A conversation between CEO and chairman of the board of directors on the main topics in the financial year 2018

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    New visitor record with 1,067,000 guests.

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    Experience Mountains

    Transport income up by 27.4 per cent.

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    Increase at a low level.

The V-Cableway for our region

Two local entrepreneurs report on the importance of the V-Cableway project for regional value creation.

The Key Figures

An overview of the key figures for Jungfrau Railway Group.

212.8moperating income (in CHF)
153.8mtransportation revenues (in CHF)
61.0mEBIT (in CHF)
47.8mannual profit (in CHF)
8.22earnings per share (in CHF)
28.6%EBIT margin

The V-Cableway for our partners

A tourism expert and a sports manager report on the benefits of the V-Project for the tourist resort of Grindelwald.

«We are focusing on constructive and regular dialogue with our stakeholders.»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger,
Chairman of the Board of Directors

The V-Cableway for our guests

Two winter sports enthusiasts from Zurich report on the advantages that the V-Cableway will bring to guests.