A conversation with the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the CEO on the main topics in the financial year 2020 (status as of 25 February 2021)

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    The number of visitors decreased by around 65% to 362,800

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    Experience Mountains

    In total the Experience Mountains generated a transport income of CHF 12.6 million

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    A year-on-year decline of 16% in
    the number of guest visits

Power supply concept of the Jungfrau Railway and the Wengernalp Railway

Return of braking energy to the medium-voltage distribution grid

The Key Figures

An overview of the key figures for Jungfrau Railway Group.

125.7moperating income (in CHF)
75.6mtransportation revenues (in CHF)
22.3mEBITDA (in CHF)
-9.7mannual result (in CHF)
-1.6result per share (in CHF)
17.7%EBITDA margin

Code of Conduct at Jungfrau Railways

In February 2020 the Code of Conduct was introduced throughout the company