A Conversation with the CEO and the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the main topics in the financial year 2019 (status as of 20 February 2020)

Revised dividend proposal of 20 April 2020
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    For the fourth time, more than one million guests on the Top of Europe.

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    Experience Mountains

    Transport income up by 21.1 per cent.

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    Increase at a low level.

Focusing on Habitat Enhancement

Thanks to Martin Lutz, ecological requirements are being met in the construction of the V-Cableway

The Key Figures

An overview of the key figures for Jungfrau Railway Group.

223.3moperating income (in CHF)
161.8mtransportation revenues (in CHF)
67.5mEBIT (in CHF)
53.3mannual profit (in CHF)
9.11earnings per share (in CHF)
30.2%EBIT margin

New Generation

Ruedi Brawand and Adi Kaufmann talk about their partnership with Jungfrau Railways and the once-in-a-generation V-Cableway project

«With this V-Cableway we have set a development in motion. A sustainable development for the region, for our company, and our employees, for the benefit of the next generation.»

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bieger,
Chairman of the Board of Directors


Theatre Production with Music in Grindelwald – with the Support of Jungfrau Railway