Eiger Express evening trips

including four-course gourmet menu

Enjoy the impressive ride on the Eiger Express to the Eigergletscher. An “Eigerness” menu has been created for you with local products. The evening will be accompanied by traditional music.

Dates 2022

  • 01/10/22 (Rolf Marti Berner Chansons)
  • 08/10/22 (Schwyzerörgeliquartett Ländlerkompass)

Round trip on the Eiger Express

  • Outward journey at 18.00 h from Grindelwald Terminal
  • Return journey at 22.00 h from Eigergletscher 

Included in the offer

  • Individual return uphill journey with the Eiger Express from Grindelwald Terminal to Eigergletscher
  • Mountain aperitif together on the terrace of the Eigergletscher Restaurant
  • Followed by a chocolate show and four-course Eigerness dinner (excluding drinks).
  • Visit to the Confiserie 2,320 metres above sea level sea level.
  • Musical entertainment
  • Joint descent on the Eiger Express at 22.00 h

Apple salad | Graved salmon | Roast vegetables | Sourdough bread
Hay soup with mountain flowers
Fillet of Burehof pork | Morel mushrooms | Gnocchi | Bunched carrots | Herb salad
Homemade chocolate variation from our “2,320 m above sea level” confectionery range 

Veggie menu
Apple salad | Mountain tartare | Roast vegetables | Sourdough bread
Hay soup with mountain flowers
Smoked tofu | Parsley | Morel mushrooms | Gnocchi | Bunched carrots | Herb salad 

Lily Kidz menu
Homemade chicken nuggets | Chips | Vegetables
(Recommended for children 2-6 years at CHF 20 per child)

Prizes (in CHF per person)

*Prices excl. drinks. **Pay for what you consume directly at the restaurant.
Adults 109*
Children without a Junior or Children’s Co-Travelcard Train journey CHF 20** 
Children with a Junior or Children's Co-ticket Train journey free**

Reservation and procedure

Reservations can be made until 12.00 h on the day of the event using the form below. Allergy sufferers and vegetarians please book 48 hours in advance. 

Tickets for confirmed reservations can be obtained at the counter in Grindelwald Terminal until 18.00 h.