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First Mountain Cart

Current status:

Sledging is too much fun to do it only in winter. This is what the inventors of the mountain cart said: A cross between go-kart and sled. It travels down the mountain on almost any terrain and is safe, comfortable and also suitable for children from 135 cm in height. The centre of gravity is low, the wheels are wide apart, and hydraulic brakes ensure that you can keep the speed under control over long distances. The same applies to the three kilometre long natural road from Schreckfeld to Bort: sledging on wheels, all summer long.

Compulsory helmet wear (provided free of charge)
Required minimum height: 135 cm

Please bear in mind that there are some steep and difficult sections on the downhill route!

Important information:
It cannot be guaranteed that the desired adventure activity will be available during peak visitor times or unfavorable weather conditions. Switching to an alternative activity is possible at any time. There are no fixed time slots, so we strongly recommend arriving early and enjoying the activity(ies) before noon. Long waiting times must be expected. Check the current waiting times at the following Link. Thank you for your understanding.

Opening times

09.05.24 - 27.10.24
09.00 - 17.30 h
Firstbahn AG Dorfstrasse 187
3818 Grindelwald
+41 33 828 72 33