Winter hiking

Hiking in winter has a particular appeal. On more than 100 kilometres of perfectly prepared winter hiking trails, all you can hear is the scrunch of your shoes. It's a lot more peaceful to stomp along the soft whiteness wearing snowshoes. Off the beaten track of the hustle and bustle of the pistes, snow hikers between Mürren, Männlichen and Grindelwald are immersed in enchanting winter landscapes surrounded by solemn silence.

Winter hiking trails in the Jungfrau Ski Region with a live status overview

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Winter hiking in front of the most beautiful panorama of Switzerland

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  • Sunny Winter Tour First-Waldspitz-Bort
    Winterwandern Schreckhorn Wetterhorn

    Sunny Winter Tour First-Waldspitz-Bort

    The winter hike from First to Bort starts at the mountain station. It first leads in the direction of Lake Bachalpsee - a detour to the lake is worthwhile - then it goes past snow-covered huts and forests down to the Waldspitz mountain inn and on to Bort.
    • 2,275 m – 1,530 m
    • Time required ~ 3 hours
  • Winter hike Männlichen - Kleine Scheidegg

    Winter hike Männlichen - Kleine Scheidegg

    The Jungfrau Region is well equipped with routes for passionate winter hikers. One of the most beautiful is undoubtedly the winter hiking trail from Männlichen to Kleine Scheidegg. From Berghaus Männlichen, the snow-covered trail leads past the foot of the Tschuggen. The Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau are always there.

    • 2'222 - 2'061 m
    • Time required ~ 2 hours 45 minutes
  • Faulhorn winter hiking

    Faulhorn winter hiking

    The winter hike from First is very rewarding: firstly because of the panorama, and secondly because the longest toboggan run in the world begins on the Faulhorn. Once you've pulled your sled up the mountain you can take it easy on the way back via the Bussalp to Grindelwald: There is nothing else to do except steer and brake for 15 kilometres.

    • 2'678 - 1'797 m
    • Time required ~ 4 hours
  • Snowshoe trail in front of the Eiger North Face: Holenstein - Brandegg
    Eiger Grindelwald Winter

    Snowshoe trail in front of the Eiger North Face: Holenstein - Brandegg

    Far from the hustle and bustle of the slopes, the well-marked snowshoe trail leads from the Holenstein middle station through white, enchanted landscapes to the Brandegg mountain restaurant. If you are here on snowshoes, you can immerse yourself in the sight of the mythical Eiger North Face time and again on the trail, which is a good five kilometres long.

    • 1'624 - 1'288 m
    • Time required ~ 2 hours 15 minutes
  • Royal Walk Männlichen
    Maennlichen Wandern Royal Walk Eiger Moench Jungfrau Winter

    Royal Walk Männlichen

    The panoramic view on Männlichen has something extra to offer. The Royal Walk theme trail and its crown-shaped summit platform give the scenery a definitive royal touch. Nothing is easier than following this royal path from station to station to the crown in half an hour.

    • 2'341 - 2'221 m
    • Time required ~ 25 minutes
  • Mürren snowshoe tour
    Schneeschuhpfad Muerren Panorama Eiger Moench Jungfrau

    Mürren snowshoe tour

    Snow-covered forests and Alps can be best experienced on the well-signposted snowshoe trail from Mürren to Allmiboden and back. The breathtaking view of eight north faces of the Bernese Alps and the world-famous triumvirate makes this tour a grandiose experience.

    • 1'843 - 1'630 m
    • Time required ~ 2 hours

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