Schynige Platte Kuh Lily

Schynige Platte

Top of Swiss Tradition

When hiking on the Schynige Platte you don't get very far. Every few steps you stop to admire the stars, umbels and bells that bloom on the meadows. Or you can stop to admire the panorama. Everyone starts to slow down the pace. If they have not already done so: in the nostalgic trip on the Schynige Platte Railway or later in the restaurant with its breathtaking view.

Prices and tickets

  • Schynige Platte Railway ticket
    Bahnen-Maschinen, Jahreszeit, Schynige-Platte, Schynige-Platte-Bahn, Sommer, Verhältnisse,
    From CHF 32

    Schynige Platte Railway ticket

    Nostalgic return trip on the Schynige Platte Railway from Wilderswil up to the best view of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau on the Schynige Platte.
    • 26/05/22 to 23/10/22
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Getting to Schynige Platte

With the Bernese Oberland Railway or by car to Wilderswil. The historic Schynige Platte Railway runs across the Breitlauenen Alp to the Schynige Platte. Travel time from Wilderswil: Approximately 1 hour.

Operating information
26.05.22 - 23.10.22




  • Hiking ticket Schynige Platte - First
    Wanderticket Schynige Platte Grindelwald First
    from CHF 36.90

    Hiking ticket Schynige Platte - First

    Hike over the classics of the Alps! The hiking trail leads from Schynige Platte via Faulhorn to the First Railway mountain station
    • Open from 18.06.22 to 23.10.22
  • Hiking ticket Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte
    Wanderticket Breitlauenen Schynige Platte
    from CHF 27.50

    Hiking ticket Breitlauenen - Schynige Platte

    The pleasure of hiking with a stunning panorama from the Breitlauenen Station up to the mountain station of Schynige Platte Railway.
    • Available from 18/06/22 to 23/10/22
  • Teatime Ticket
    Aussicht, Berge, Berghotel-Schynige-Platte, Eiger, Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau, Gastro, Jungfrau, Mönch, Publikationen, Schynige-Platte, Screen-Content,
    From CHF 29

    Teatime Ticket

    Every day from 14.05, the Schynige Platte Railway brings you a cup of warm tea with pastries for teatime at the Panorama Restaurant.
    • Available from 26/05/22 to 23/10/22
  • Lily Family Day 2022
    Schynige Platte Wandern Photopoint Lily04
    CHF 49

    Lily Family Day 2022

    Experience a day on the Schynige Platte together with cow Lily. Attractions: Glitter tattoos, face painting for children, balloons, photo shoot with cow Lily, hot dog stand
    • 18/06/2022
    • CHF 49 for 2 adults. Children travel free of charge.
  • Birthday offer Schynige Platte
    Mönch, Eiger, Eiger-Mönch-Jungfrau, Jungfrau, Schynige-Platte, Berghotel-Schynige-Platte, Screen Content, View
    Free for the birthday child!

    Birthday offer Schynige Platte

    Birthday offer: The train journey and a dessert are free!
    • Available from 26/05/22 to 23/10/22

Schynige Platte - Top of Swiss Tradition

The Schynige Platte Railway dates back to the 19th century and is reminiscent of bygone days. Lean back and enjoy the seven kilometre ride up the Schynige Platte high above Interlaken.

Interesting to know...

  • The Ferdinand Hodler lookout point: a source of inspiration not only for Swiss artists.

  • Spend the night there like in the good old days: rooms in the style of the founding period.

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