Operation data Jungfrau Ski Region

Kleine Scheidegg: 11.11.23 - 28.04.24
Männlichen: 09.12.23 - 07.04.24
Grindelwald-First: 16.12.23 - 01.04.24
Mürren-Schilthorn: 09.12.23 - 21.04.24
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(Operating hours subject to change)

Frequently asked questions when you buy your ski pass online

  • Pick-up methods: How do I get my skipass when I buy it online?

    You have the following options to receive your skipass when you buy online:

    1. Load your own KeyCard / data carrier
    2. Receive the KeyCard for the Jungfrau Ski Region on site (pick-up machine / sales point)

    1. Load your own KeyCard / data carrier
    If you already have your own data carrier and want to load it, you can load the following data carriers during the ordering process:

    KeyCard Axess of the Jungfrau Ski Region
    Ski data with number starting 01-...
    All reusable Skidata-Keytix with number starting 01 -...
    RailAway Skicard
    SBB Swisspass
    You will find the KeyCard number on the back of your card.

    2. Receive the KeyCard for the Jungfrau Ski Region on site (pick-up machine / sales point)
    The KeyCard for the Jungfrau Ski Region on which your skipass is loaded is free of charge. Just like that and without a deposit. If you have purchased a skipass online, you can obtain your KeyCard as follows. All you need for the purchase is the order code or QR code generated when ordering.

    At Pick Up machines
    During the ordering process, select the option "I will collect the pass on site (QR code / voucher)". You have the option of picking up your skipass at one of the pick-up machines at the following locations. All you have to do is scan the QR code and you will receive your purchased skipass directly from the machine. Pick up is possible at the following locations:

    • Top of Europe Flagship Store, Interlaken
    • Interlaken Ost railway station
    • Zweilütschinen railway station
    • Lauterbrunnen railway station
    • Grindelwald Terminal
    • Grindelwald Grund railway station
    • First Railway valley station, Grindelwald
    • Pick up at railway station counter

    Purchase at a Jungfrau Railways sales point.
    Select the option "I will collect the pass on site (QR code / voucher)" in the order process.
    You have the option of obtaining your ski pass at all Jungfrau Railways sales points.

  • Validity in the region: Is rail travel included in the skipass?

    The ski pass Jungfrau is valid in the entire Jungfrau Ski Region – comprising Grindelwald-First, Männlichen, Kleine Scheidegg, Wengen, Mürren, Schilthorn, including travel by train from Interlaken Ost and following stations.

  • Children travel free on Saturdays: How do I get the free children’s one-day pass?

    Up to three children (6 to 15 years) receive a free day pass on Saturdays, if an adult buys a one-day or afternoon ticket at the list price. The offer is available online and at railway stations in the Jungfrau Ski Region. Please note that only day tickets are available online. 
    Add up to 3 children to your skipass purchase for any Saturday at the online shop and automatically receive day tickets for your children free of charge. 

    Offer not applicable to multi-day or season passes.

  • Is there an Earlybird ski pass?

    No. Earlybird ski passes are no longer offered.

  • “Top Ticket”: When can I buy a Jungfraujoch “Top Ticket”?

    Get your “Jungfraujoch Top Ticket” for a trip to the Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe for the special price of CHF 63 per person with a ski pass or hiking and sledging pass from 3 days or a season ski pass Jungfrau Ski Region or Top4 ski pass.

  • Which data carriers can be charged?

    • Axess keycards of the Jungfrau Ski Region
    • All Skidata-Keycards with the starting number 01-...
    • All reusable Skidata-Keytix with the starting number 01-...
    • RailAway "Skicard

    Where can I find the keycard number?
    You will find the keycard number on the back of your card.


  • Reimbursement: Do I get a refund in the event of an incident?

    Information on Covid-19 related refunds can be found at the following link.

    The Jungfrau Ski Region does not give refunds on sportspasses purchased in the event of a service interruption, accident or illness.
    You can take out cancellation insurance during the skipass ordering process. If you are not able to take a trip or have to abandon it because of a serious illness, major pregnancy complications, serious injury or death, the cancellation insurance will assume contractually owed costs up to the arranged sum insured. Y If you have any questions about cover or cancellations, you can contact the Mobiliar claims department directly [email protected]   

  • Groups: What are the conditions for group skipasses?

    You can order your group ski pass using the following order form for groups.

    Sport passes are issued at the group rate if all Sport passes are of the same type and validity for at least 10 people and are obtained and paid for by the group leader. The claim for free passes is settled with the group discount granted. School groups from public schools with the school management's order form. In the case of school groups, one Sport pass is issued free of charge to the group leader on 10 related student sport passes.

  • GTC Jungfrau Ski Region


  • Half-day skipass: Is there a half-day ski pass available?

    Yes, the half-day ski pass is available only for the afternoon, valid from 12.00 h from all stations. It is available from every train or cable car station in the Jungfrau Region (not bookable online).