Snowpark Grindelwald-First

The snowboarding and freeskiing paradise

As soon as the first snow falls, the Pistenbullies ride on First to build the Snowpark Grindelwald-First. The terrain has already been preformed so that in a few days the 130-metre halfpipe and two parks with different degrees of difficulty emerge. The snowboard and freeski community can slide over the straight box or take off from the corner and from other kickers there. What a comfort: In 1989, the scene had to build its own obstacles, which took weeks of shovel work.


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Snowpark Grindelwald First Park Pipe
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  • Head of Snowpark
    Head of Snowpark
    Gian Simmen
  • Shaper
    Christian Weibel
  • Shaper
    Erwin Knoester
  • Shaper
    Roger Schuppisser