Grindelwald Grund Infrastruktur AG

The task of Grindelwald Grund Infrastruktur AG (GGI) is to create and operate all necessary infrastructures for the V-Cableway in Grindelwald Grund, namely the terminal and the car park. This means that Jungfrau Railways and the Grindelwald-Männlichen Gondola Cableway (GGM) will mutually realise and operate the core elements of the V-Cableway as part of GGI AG.

As the property company, GGI is the owner of the terminal and car park. It leases the ski depots, business and restaurant areas and coordinates events and activities in the terminal. The stations are available to both railways, including garages, side rooms, storage, ticket windows and office areas, as part of the lease agreement. GGI is also responsible for managing the Rothenegg station facilities, the BOB and the control of private traffic in the Grindelwald Grund parking area.

Terminal as meeting place

After opening of the V-Cableway, the Grund terminal is to become a meeting place for visitors and locals in both summer and winter. Various shops, a sporting goods store, bar, food corner and kiosk, as well as ski depots are planned. These new shops will create jobs. Rothenegg station ensures a direct public transport connection for the terminal. In addition to the car park, with around 1,000 spaces, a new bus terminal will be built at Grindelwald Grund, thus creating an attractive bus connection for Firstbahn.