Opening of the Top of Europe Flagship Store in Interlaken

Jungfrau Railways’ Top of Europe Flagship Store offers a unique shopping experience in the heart of Interlaken. Over two floors and an area of over 1,000 square metres, you will find top brands such as Swatch, Lindt & Sprüngli and Victorinox. At the heart of the Flagship Store is the Top of Europe Shop with souvenirs and clothing.

After a short and intense construction phase, the Top of Europe Flagship Store was opened today, Thursday, 10 October 2019. The shop combines well-known brands and multiple attractions under one roof. “We are proud to open the exclusive Top of Europe Flagship Store today, which sets new standards in retail”, Jungfrau Railways CEO Urs Kessler told invited guests and media.

Unique shopping experience

The interior features exciting scenic elements from the Jungfrau world, such as a Belle Epoque façade, a chalet and a glacier world. In the entrance area, there is an original Jungfrau Railway locomotive from 1912, which used to pull the Eiger Ambassador Express. A replica train track leads through the entire shop and helps to guide visitors.

Shopping on two floors

With Swatch, Lindt & Sprüngli and Victorinox, three top renowned brands have been won over for the Top of Europe Flagship Store. The ceiling of the Victorinox Shop is adorned with 30,000 Swiss Army knives. In addition, on the 1st floor there is an Instagram photo wall measuring an impressive 3x3 metres. The Lindt Shop impresses with a beautiful Belle Epoque scene. Unique worldwide, in the Swatch Store customers can create their own Swatch with motifs from the Jungfrau region and have them imprinted immediately on site.

Top of Europe Shop

The heart of the Flagship Store is the Top of Europe Shop. Over 300 m2, a wide assortment of souvenirs such as Trauffer wooden cows, snow globes, key chains, magnets and a large selection of garments are on offer. In addition to the shopping facilities, the Rail Info centre from Jungfrau Railways offers information on all matters relating to excursion destinations, tickets and gift vouchers. With the Top of Europe Flagship Store, Interlaken has got itself yet another attraction.