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Exchange of bearer shares for registered shares

Berner Oberland-Bahnen AG (BOB)

The ordinary general meeting of the BOB of 1 June 2016 has resolved, the former

  • bearer shares of CHF 100 nominal value (security 345.503) to be converted to
  • registered shares of CHF 100 nominal value (security 32.277.657)

. The conversion period lasted from 2 to 24 June 2016. The banks have been informed of this.

The registered shares are confirmed as value rights and must be stored in a custody account at a bank.

The printing and delivery of physical documents are excluded. The shareholders have the right, however, to demand from the company a confirmation of the number of shares registered in their name in the share register.

Conversion procedure after expiry of official conversion period

Shareholders who retain BOB bearer shares at home or in a safe deposit box can still convert these. You are requested to hand in the original shares at your bank and establish a custody account. The bank must proceed as follows:

Instructions for banks

After 24 June 2016, the bearer shares received for conversion are to be sent to the company together with the request for registration and the PTF instructions (DB-DI and DI-RE) in the SECOM system.


The registered BOB shares can be traded from 27 June 2016 on the off-exchange trading platform OTC-X.

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