Of service for people and the environment

Sustainability is part of our corporate DNA. Since the construction of the Jungfrau Railway over a hundred years ago, environmental and social concerns have been an integral part of our business activities. We actively live up to this responsibility today with numerous projects and measures.

  • 1st Sustainable innovation

    Modern technology in harmony with an intact environment | Energy efficiency in construction and transport

    With the V-Cableway, Jungfrau Railways has realised the most modern project in the Alpine region, combining technical innovation and respect for the environment. The centrepiece is the Eiger Express tricable gondola: It combines the transport of people and goods in a unique way. Thanks to the tricable technology, it only needs seven supports, which is why no forest path had to be cut.

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  • 2. Local energy sources

    Own hydropower plant | Operation 100% renewable energy powered | Energy-efficient uphill journeys through recovery of braking power

    The historic Jungfrau Railway has already been using energy from its own hydroelectric power station. And the development continues: the entire Jungfrau Railways operation (railroads, ski lifts and buildings) is now supplied entirely with renewable power (mainly Swiss hydropower). Several railroads and cable cars feed braking power back into the grid, Grindelwald Terminal is connected to the local district heating network and energy efficiency also prevails in snow production.

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  • 3. Climate protection

    Active reduction of CO2 emissions | Rail instead of road

    Jungfrau Railways have written CO2 reduction and energy efficiency into the specifications for their cogwheel railways and have been officially certified for this. Other projects promote the shift from road to rail with appropriate special offers or pursue the goal of a CO2-neutral tourism region of Oberland Ost together with the University of Bern. The Jungfrau Railways is also committed to the fight against food waste.

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  • 4. People in focus

    Equal opportunities, perspectives and safe work for all | Modern workplaces and tradition

    Regardless of gender, skin colour and lifestyle, everyone should be able to develop in a safe environment at Jungfrau Railways. A major concern is increasing the proportion of women, especially on the Executive Board and the Board of Directors. Another focus point: training apprentices and reintegration of people with disabilities.

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  • 5. Water as a source of life

    Collection and use of spring water | Clean drinking water for all

    Jungfrau Railways pays particular attention to water protection zones when constructing new railways or renovating existing buildings. And the renovation of the Grütschalp-Mürren railway is actively preventing polluted water from getting into the spring and drinking water. Plus: every guest also has access to drinking water everywhere thanks to new wells.

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  • 6. Protecting unique nature

    Project co-founder and member of the Jungfrau-Aletsch UNESCO World Heritage Site | Care and protection of fauna and flora

    Jungfrau Railways supports the Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch Foundation with an annual contribution of CHF 50,000. There is further cooperation within the framework of the V-Cableway sustainability fund, which Jungfrau Railways co-finances with CHF 200,000 per year. In addition, there are various landscape conservation assignments in the Grindelwald region.

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  • 7 Environmental and climate research

    Member of the High Alpine Research Station on the Jungfraujoch

    Since its foundation in the wake of the construction of the Jungfrau Railway, the research station has been working together with Jungfrau Railways. Today, the focus is on sustainability issues in various fields. These include projects within the framework of CO2 measurements and observations, but also series of measurements of temperature, wind direction and wind speed.

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