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 Resolutions of the General Meeting of 16 June 2023

Annual Report 2022 (German)


Procedure for the exchange of old bearer shares and entry in the share register

As of 1 May 2021, shareholders whose bearer shares have been converted into registered shares will no longer be able to exchange their old securities directly with the Company due to legal requirements. However, under art. 7 (1) of the transitional provisions, during a transitional period after the entry into force of the new law, with the prior consent of the Company, shareholders have until 31 October 2024 to apply to the court for their registration in the Company's share register. In order for their shareholder status to be recognised and their rights reinstated, they must prove that they are the rightful holders of the converted shares and file an application with the court (at their own expense) for entry in the share register before the end of the transitional period. Which court has jurisdiction depends on the domicile of the shareholder, the number of shares (value) and, in the case of a foreign shareholder, the applicable conflict of laws and may thus differ depending on the shareholder. Only with the proof from the court can the company make the entry in the share register. If this is not done by the deadline, the shareholders definitively lose their rights associated with the shares (art. 8 (1) of the transitional provisions).

Deposit of bearer shares with proof from the court

Shareholders shall submit the original shares to their bank together with proof of the court. The bank shall send the original documents together with the PTF instructions (DB-DI and DI-RE) in the SECOM system to the company. The securities are then delivered as book-entry securities to a securities account of the shareholder.

Harderbahn AG

The extraordinary general meeting of HB of 22 October 2020 has resolved to convert the former
1,400 bearer shares with a nominal value of CHF 5 (security 248.455)
1,400 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 5 (security 57.473.315)
13,960 bearer shares with a nominal value of CHF 50 (security 248.457)
139,600 registered shares with a nominal value of CHF 5 (security 57.473.315)
The exchange ratio for the bearer shares with a nominal value of CHF 50 is 1:10.

The registered shares are confirmed as value rights and must be stored in a custody account at a bank. The printing and delivery of physical documents are excluded. The shareholders have the right, however, to demand from the company a confirmation of the number of shares registered in their name in the share register.