Jungfrau Railways mission statement

1. Customer orientation

Guests are the focal point of everything we do. We focus on their needs and aim to exceed their expectations. We want to be the best hosts in Switzerland.

2. Position of Jungfraujoch-Top of Europe on the market

The Jungfraujoch is the tourism flagship of the region. We want to be the best known and most popular excursion destination in Switzerland and one of the best internationally.

3. Competitive orientation, stakeholder value

We always act competitively. To this end we respect the law and the principles of good corporate governance. We are long-term oriented, act honestly, sustainably, openly and transparently. This makes us a predictable and solid partner for all stakeholders.

4. Economic efficiency, shareholder value

a) Jungfrau Railway Group:

We set ourselves value-oriented targets and strive to achieve high cash flows. In this way, we ensure the long-term continued existence of the Group and use the flexible portion to increase the value of the company and compensate shareholders in line with market conditions.

b) Berner Oberland-Bahnen AG:

the BOB forms part of the public transport network. Within the framework of a contemporary quality standard, we strive for cost-effective operation. We are strengthening the existing substance for the benefit of our shareholders.

5. Performance and commitment

Our appearance is uniform. We provide high quality services at a demand-oriented price with creativity and an innovative spirit.

6. Working environment, corporate culture

At all levels we act in a competent, reliable, friendly, courteous and mutually respectful manner. We delegate tasks, responsibilities and competencies in the same way. We offer remuneration in line with the market, training and further education as well as a good working environment.

7. Management

Our management is target-oriented; we encourage personal initiative and self-motivation. We pursue active personnel planning. We carefully maintain our management tools with the aim of being a lean organisation that is constantly learning.

8. Risk management, safety

We identify and minimise impending risks through active risk management. Caring for the health of guests and staff governs how we work. We regard the enforcement of safety regulations as an important management task.

9. Attitude towards the environment

A unique landscape, certified by UNESCO as a world heritage site, forms the main basis of our business activities. For us, an intact landscape and the protection of flora and fauna are of central importance. In line with the vision of the founder of Jungfrau Railway, the environment is to be preserved and kept accessible for future generations. We respect the environmental laws and regulations and are continuously improving our services towards a favourable ecological balance.

10. Tourism policy

We are conscious of our embedding in the region and the networking with other tourism service providers. Commitment in terms of tourism policy and the further development of the Jungfrau Region are important to us.


Extended management of Jungfrau Railways
1 March 2017