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At 31 December

CHF (thousands)2016%2015%
Current assets
Liquid funds34,04820,206
Other receivables from third parties151291
Other receivables from participating interests6,42410,928
Accrued income407
Total current assets40,66324.8%31,43219.9%
Fixed assets
Financial assets2,0252,025
Loans to group companies100,790115,980
Participating interests20,1368,600
Total fixed assets122,95175.2%126,60580.1%
Total Assets163,614100.0%158,037100.0%
Outside capital
Liabilities from deliveries and services owed to third parties09
Current interest-bearing liabilities owed to third parties4640
Current interest-bearing liabilities for participating interests11,82511,806
Other current liabilities owed to third parties43
Other current liabilities owed to shareholders166160
Deferred income456535
Total current borrowed capital12,91512,513
Total non-current borrowed capital00
Total borrowed capital12,9157.9%12,5137.9%
Share capital8,7538,753
Statutory retained earnings25,61225,612
• Profit carried forward67,96463,197
• Statutory and final reserves32,92032,920
Voluntary retained earnings100,88496,117
Own capital shares-442-1,379
Annual result15,89216,421
Total equity150,69992.1%145,52492.1%
Total liabilities163,614100.0%158,037100.0%