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Whenever possible, Jungfrau Railways does without helicopter flights for its construction projects or transport services. This also applies to the restoration of retaining walls, reconstruction works on avalanche galleries and further buildings along the railway tracks.

Helicopter flights are forgone primarily due to the company's environmental policy. Noise or the impact of air bumps in the area of construction sites and their surroundings are other reasons against the use of helicopters. They are used where there is no railway connection or the transport goods are not suited to railway transport due to their nature or size.

New construction of Pavilion Restaurant Harder Kulm

Thanks to a transport cableway, it was possible, and remains possible, to do without helicopter flights for the new construction of the «Pavilion Restaurant Harder Kulm». It was installed together with the Unterseen Civic Community, which uses the same track for logging in lower Harder. The required helicopter flights can thus be reduced from 2,500 rotations to a maximum of 120 rotations. This corresponds to nearly five per cent of the usual number and relates to flights for the transport of prefabricated carpentry elements as well as larger components, such as ventilation and air conditioning systems, which are not suitable for cableway transport.

SnowpenAir concert Kleine Scheidegg

When you travel to SnowpenAir, it's by train. This also applies to the bands – from the local opening bands to the international headline acts. In addition, the 50 to 60 tonnes of material for stages, barriers, toilets, etc. are only transported by train from Grindelwald Grund to Kleine Scheidegg and from there by snow groomers to the festival area. The preservation of the environment takes precedence over the logistical requirements that railway transport entails.


Lauberhorn Ski Races

The spectators and most of the material at the International Lauberhorn Ski Races are taken to their destinations by train. Some 1,946 tonnes were transported by the Wengernalp Railway for the Lauberhorn Ski Races in 2016. The following comparisons show the central importance transport by train:

Helicopters instead of trains:
If only helicopters were used for all transport instead of trains, 2000 flights would have to be made.

Trucks instead of trains:
In order to provide the material transports for the Lauberhorn Ski Races with trucks, 78 trips with fully loaded 40-tonne trucks would be required. This comparison is purely theoretical, especially since transport by truck to the car-free village of Wengen would not be possible.