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8.1 Term of mandate

8.1.1 Time of transfer

On the occasion of the 2016 General Meeting of Jungfraubahn Holding AG, KPMG AG, Gümligen-Berne, was appointed as auditor. It has held this position since 2004.

8.1.2 Appointment of the lead auditor

The auditor (mandate partner) for the year 2016 is Mr Stefan Andres. He has held this office since 2014.

8.2 Auditing fees

The fees charged by the auditing company for its activities across the entire Jungfraubahn Group, including audits of the companies in the scope of consolidation and audits in connection with railway regulations in 2016, amount to CHF 151,500.

8.3 Additional fees

KPMG AG, Gümligen-Bern, has not performed any additional services and has therefore not received any additional fees.

8.4 Supervisory and control tools for the audit

The assessment of the independence, performance and compensation of the external auditors, as well as the compatibility of consultancy mandates with the auditing activities, is one of the duties of the Audit Committee explicitly stated in the Organisational Regulations (section 3.6.2). It shall report regularly to the Board of Directors. The auditing company was present at all meetings of the Audit Committee.