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Why are replacement measures necessary? In Switzerland, all major construction projects must undergo an environmental impact assessment prior to approval. Among other things, this assesses whether sensitive vegetation types or rare animals are affected by the construction. In its construction projects, Jungfrau Railways places the greatest importance on nature and the surrounding areas. If there is any impairment, however, appropriate «replacement measures» are provided in the immediate vicinity as compensation.

Jungfrau Railway Group

Replacement measures in 2016

Harderbahn AG

Reforestation for the new construction of the Harder Pavilion of around 140 m2 on the land of the Unterseen municipality as well as 800 m2 on the land of the Ringgenberg municipality

Wengernalpbahn AG

Extension of the Rohrfluh crossing station: Reforestation on site of a total of 1,134 m2 due to temporary and permanent clearings

Redesign of Lauterbrunnen train station: Reforestation of 640 m2 for provisional construction site entrance and extension of railway operating area

Jungfraubahn AG

Clearance of the Guggi glacier foreland with aspiring Bernese mountain guides (3.7 tonnes of scrap iron and civil waste in 2016, 2.7 tonnes in 2015)