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6.1 Voting rights restrictions and voting rights representation

6.1.1 Voting rights restrictions

The registered share issued by Jungfraubahn Holding AG is a single share class. There is no statutory voting rights restriction. However, the transferability provision in conjunction with the provisions of art. 685f para. 2 and 3 of the Swiss Code of Obligations leads to a factual restriction of voting rights: «Entry into the share register without voting rights» (also see section 2.6.1).

6.1.2 Exceptions to the restriction of voting rights

No remarks.

6.1.3 Lifting voting rights restrictions

No remarks.

6.1.4 Statutory rules for participation in the General Meeting

A shareholder may only be represented at the General Meeting by a legal representative or another shareholder who is participating in the General Meeting and registered in the share register. There is also the possibility of representation by the independent proxy, via written instructions or electronic remote voting. The details on the regulation of instructions to the independent proxy as well as on electronic remote voting are contained in the respective invitation to the General Meeting. In terms of entrance controls to the General Meeting, a legally signed power of attorney is required as a proof of legitimacy for non-individually authorised bodies that want to represent their companies at the General Meeting.

6.2 Statutory quorums

The statutes of Jungfraubahn Holding AG, in addition to the statutory quorums provided for the following resolutions, also set forth the two-thirds majority and the absolute majority of the nominal value of the shares represented:

  • the facilitation of the transferability of registered shares,
  • the dissolution (per se) and/or the merger of the company.

6.3 Calling of the General Meeting

The statutes of Jungfraubahn Holding AG comply with the statutory regulations for convening the General Meeting. The Swiss Commercial Gazette is established as the publication organ. The Board of Directors may determine further publication bodies and invite the shareholders registered in the share register by letter. It has made use of these opportunities without exception since the company has come into existence.

The date of the General Meeting and also the dates of the deadlines pursuant to sections 6.4 and 6.5 below are published online under and are sent to the shareholders in a reminder letter before the General Meeting.

6.4 Agenda

Shareholders representing 10% or more of the share capital (currently: shares with a nominal value of at least CHF 875,250), may request the inclusion of an item on the agenda, specifying the item to be discussed and the applications. The corresponding request shall be submitted to the Board of Directors in writing and no later than 45 days before the relevant General Meeting (arrival).

6.5 Entries in the share register

Admission to the General Meeting is exclusively for shareholders registered with voting rights in the share register. An invitation with an application form will be sent to them by post. The access rights census is conducted approximately two weeks before the General Meeting (the exact date will be published in a letter to the shareholders). After then, no additional entries will be made in the share register until the day of the General Meeting. Shareholders who sell shares during the vesting period lose the associated voting rights. They must have their entry card corrected at access control on the day of the General Meeting.