Contact for network access

The Federal Office of Transport issues approval for the company to use the Swiss rail network. The conditions of the Railway Act (EBG [Eisenbahngesetz]) and the Network Access Ordinance (NZV [Netzzugangsverordnung]) are the basis of the approval.

The most important conditions in short form

  • The rail company seeking network access has its headquarters in Switzerland or the EU.
  • Network access for other foreign companies conforms to the respective international agreement. 
  • The company has a grant or licence for the operation of trains according to the Railway Act (EBG). 
  • The financial basis is guaranteed.
  • There is insurance of at least 100 million Swiss francs per claim. 
  • Qualified staff guarantees safe operation.
  • The vehicles comply with the legal requirements for safe railway operation. 
  • It is guaranteed that safety provisions are observed for the travelled routes.

Technical information on network access BOB.pdf


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