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Jungfraubahn Holding AG as well as its subsidiaries and Berner Oberland-Bahnen AG attach great importance to protecting the privacy of all current, former and future customers and website users. We understand that you entrust us with important personal information and we want to assure you that we take our responsibility to protect and safeguard this information seriously.

The validity of these Terms and Conditions (GCU) is recognized by using the Jungfrau Railways Management Ltd. (JBM) website. In addition, the General Terms and Conditions (GTC) apply to orders in the shopping cart contained on the website. The individual pages of the JBM website are identified by the endorsement © Jungfraubahnen Management AG – GCU/GTC.

These conditions can be updated at any time. It is therefore advisable to regularly read the latest version of these conditions. Information about the time of the last update can be found in the last paragraph of the GCU.

Those who open a user account on the website agree with the related provisions and agree to the electronic storage and processing of data they have generated or entered.

The Jungfrau Railways website is not intended for persons who are subject to a law that prohibits the use of such website. Access is not permitted for persons for whom this is true.

Content of the website

JBM strives to have factual and updated content on its sites. However, it gives no guarantee of the accuracy and completeness of the information and balance of opinions. This applies in particular to the guarantee of the characteristics of described locations, facilities or services. It is especially important to note that such characteristics may change over time, especially under seasonal and weather influences.

Changes to the content of the website, links, user interface and graphics by JBM may be made at any time without prior notice.

The online annual reports for Jungfraubahn Holding AG contain additional elements on consolidation, explanation and illustration that are not part of the legally binding report, however. In the company information page of the online annual report, there is a list of the sections of the site that are part of the legally required report that is to be submitted at the general meeting and checked by the auditing body for conformity to the rules. In the Download Center for the online annual reports, you will find the PDF document in German that corresponds to this obligatory and thus legally binding section of the report. It is entitled "Jungfraubahn Holding AG Annual Report [yyyy] Official Version».

Subject to explicit announcement or obvious evidence, the information on this website does not constitute any offer of sale. The site does not contain any prompts to engage in any transactions. Travelogues and the representation of nature and facilities are for information purposes only. In particular, descriptions of hotel and transport systems, the information about distances and views contained therein, nearby buildings and the like are by nature liable to change and are subjective. The statements are not guarantees of certain characteristics, but are for obtaining an overall impression. It is recommended to consult other resources in the context of comprehensive travel planning, for example.

Linked pages

By using a link, the user may leave the JBM site. JBM does not check the content of linked third-party sites and does not assume any liability or responsibility for their content, offers, information or opinions contained therein. Third party websites are not subject to these GCU. You use these links at your own risk.


JBM gives no guarantee that the site will be continuously accessible, that the functions will be uninterrupted or error-free. Under special circumstances, it even reserves the right to eliminate the service or any part thereof. It endeavours to resolve interruptions quickly. JBM explicitly draws attention to the diverse and well-known latent risks inherent in the Internet. No guarantee can be given that the JBM website or server is free of viruses or any other damaging elements.

User account

The necessary data for the settlement of transactions in the shopping cart such as user name, password, first names and surnames, addresses, ski pass number, gender, class level, holiday dates, etc. are saved in the user account. Emails are sent to the email address provided in the user account for processing transactions and for system-relevant procedures. A newsletter can be subscribed to upon request. More information can be found under "Newsletter".

The beneficiary of the user account is responsible for the proper maintenance and updating of the data. To the extent that he/she provides information to third parties, he/she must provide the authorisation necessary for this. In his/her own best interest, the beneficiary is required to keep the access password confidential. If misuse of the account is suspected, then JBM should be contacted immediately. No credit card information is processed in JBM systems; this takes place solely via the specialised service provider linked in the checkout.

The deletion of a user account may be requested in the account ("My User Account"). A deletion is not possible as long as valid (not expired) purchase authorisations are made in the account. In this case, an error message occurs. After deletion, the account is no longer accessible, it may not be reactivated and all services such as newsletters, ad hoc messages, etc. associated with the account will be discontinued. The account will remain stored internally and accessible to administrators until the end of the duration of the commercial storage requirements for business records, after which it will be permanently deleted.

The additional Jungfrau Winnercard services can be selected in the user account. If this is done, then participation in the Skiline system is thereby agreed (Terms and Conditions and System Description). Additional personal data (particularly information from control systems in the ski lift system) and video recordings that were recorded on special racetracks or in fun parks are stored and processed electronically. JBM uses the Skiline Media AG, Seedammstrasse 3, 8808 Pfäffikon, Switzerland for these services. JBM provides data from the user account to this company, so that an additional account is created on the Skiline Internet portal ( The Jungfrau Winnercard service is a result of the functions configured for the Jungfrau Ski Region by Skiline. This service is personalised, controlled and accessed via (by entering the sportpass number, for example). The degree to which information is public (private or public profile, posts, user name, ski movies) is determined in the user profile. With the activation of the Jungfrau Winnercard service, competitions, the awarding of prizes or honours will be connected. No correspondence will be conducted regarding such contests; a personal claim to any service does not exist. Recourse to the courts is excluded. The following groups are excluded from participation in the competition:

  • ADULT TU MEMBERS: Jungfrau Ski Region members / retired members
  • ADULT TU: Employees and Jungfrau Ski Region pensioners
  • ADULT SKI S2&S4: Ski instructors and ski instructors with Jungfrau Ski Region ID
  • ADULT JO S3: JO Skiclub co-leaders
  • ADULT 0, ADULT VIP, CHILD PICC 0, YOUNG 0, SEN 0: Holders of a free season pass

The Skiline account is not deleted with the deactivation of Jungfrau WinnerCard or the deletion of the user account on It can be used for a different ski area, for example. Participation in Skiline may be terminated at any time via corresponding input on the Internet at or via email to [email protected].

Copyright law

The entire content of the website is protected by copyright. The Jungfrau–Top of Europe and Jungfrau – Ski Region logos are registered trademarks and both these and the products and services which they offer are protected accordingly. Use of the website does not entitle the user to any rights regarding the contents, software, registered trademarks or any other element.

Use of the website content for public or commercial purposes is only permitted for the purpose of drawing attention to Jungfrau Railways offers and products either in the capacity of an agent or for resale. If the content is used in an online report on the Jungfraujoch, Jungfraubahn, Wengernalpbahn, Bernese Oberland-Bahn, Firstbahn, Bergbahn Lauterbrunnen-Mürren, Harderbahn or Jungfrau Ski Region, a functioning link to must be placed in a clearly visible position. Any distorted or discriminatory use of the contents, or use that could harm the interests of JBM, is not permitted. The images and films are available free of charge to the user for private purposes. These may only be used in their original form and not be altered or cropped/cut without the explicit consent of JBM. Publication of images in connection with touristic offers is free of charge and explicitly permitted. JBM's permission must be obtained for all other commercial purposes.


Prices quoted are valid only for the period during which they are published directly on the Jungfrau Railways server. Only prices stated in Swiss francs (CHF) may be considered reliable. Prices stated in euros are intended solely as a guide, usually calculated at the current exchange rate at the time of first publication. Prices in euros are not binding and also offer no guarantee that euros will be accepted in payment on the completion of the contract. Should euros be accepted, the current daily exchange rate will always be used.

Exclusion of liability

JBM bears no liability for loss or damage (direct or indirect) that may arise from the use of the website. In particular, they shall not be liable for the accuracy of the information provided on the website.

The site is optimised and tested for Internet Explorer 8 from Microsoft. The respective user bears full responsibility for any errors resulting from the use of a different platform that leads to incorrect presentation of page elements.

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