Dr Catrina Luchsinger-Gähwiler

Swiss / British



  • 2004 Graduation as Doctor of Law
  • 1995 Bar exam in the Canton of Zurich
  • 1991 Law studies at the University of Zurich; Graduation as Bachelor of Law

Professional career

  • Lawyer (since 2000) and partner (since 2007) at the law firm Froriep Legal AG based in Zurich
  • Managing Partner at Froriep (January 2012 - December 2016),
  • Lawyer at internationally operating law firms based in Zurich (1996 - 2000)

Main occupation

  • Lawyer


  • Member of Auditing Committee

Business relationship to Jungfrau Group


Management and supervisory activities

  • VR Baader Helvea AG (Zurich), Nova Property Management AG (Zurich), Brevalia AG (Zurich)
  • Board member Sanitas Foundation

Activities for stakeholders<br/>

  • Member of the International Bar Association
  • Member of the International Pacific Bar Association (Vice-Chair of the Banking and Finance Committee)
  • Member of the Shanghai Business Club and Swiss-Asian Chamber of Commerce