2013 Consolidated Statement of Income 1. Semester 2013/2012

(in thousand CHF)20132012Variation

Operating revenue
Income from transport business57'58655'0312'555
Income from energy business4'5224'571-49
Souvenir shops2'0932'06528
Catering & accommodation11491-480
Rental income3'1223'006116
Other income5'7705'646124
Total operating revenue77'41875'1032'315

Operating expenses
Staff costs-26'669-26'067-602
Purchase of energy-2'087-2'069-18
Cost of goods sold-969-99728
Other operating expenses-19'102-20'2501'148
Total operating expenses-48'827-49'383556


Depreciation on tangible fixed assets-13'318-12'150-1'168
Depreciation on intangible assets-339-328-11
Total depreciations-13'657-12'478-1'179

Operatin Profit / EBIT14'93413'2421'692

Financial income / expenses
Financial income125183-58
revenue from associated companies-62247-669
Financial expenses-119-92-27
Total financial income / expenses-616138-754

Income before tax / EBT14'31813'380938
Income taxes-3'108-2'704-404

Income before minority interests11'21010'676534
Minority interests-107-28-79

Net profit for the period11'10310'648455

  • The unaudited consolidated half-yearly financial statement of Jungfraubahn Holding AG has been compiled in accordance with Swiss GAAP FER 12 professional recommendations on financial statements. The accounting principles applied are identical to those in the 2012 financial report.
  • Because of different offers, Jungfrau Railways business activity is not marked by any significant seasonal effects
  • Up to approval of this half-yearly financial statement by the Jungfraubahn Holding AG Executive Board on 3th September 2013, no further occurrences were known which could result in an adjustment of the book values of Group assets and liabilities, or which must be disclosed at this point.