2013 Statement of Income Jungfrau Railway Holding AG

1. January - 31. December  
(in CHF thousand)20132012

Operating income  
Transportation revenue121'547115'125
Energy sales10'49410'450
Shop sales5'0015'104
Catering and accomodation47794
Rental income6'1385'757
Other income12'16412'395
Total operating income164'047157'949

Operating expenses  
Personal costs-51'740-50'655
Purchase of energy-4'008-3'961
Cost of goods sold-2'267-2'197
Other operating expenses-39'528-40'501
Total operating expenses-97'543-97'314

Depreciation of tangible assets-27'429-25'880
Depreciation of intangible assets-699-674
Total depreciation-28'128-26'554
Operating profit / EBIT38'37634'081

Financial income/expenses  
Financial income981363
Income from associated companies-622-275
Financial expenses-131-237
Financial income/expenses228-149

Ordinary expenses0-2'603
Income before tax / EBT38'60431'329

Income and capital taxes-8'269-4'798
Net profit after minority interests30'33526'531
Minority interests-170-533
Net profit after minority interests30'16525'998