2014 Consolidated Statement of Cash Flow Jungfrau Railway Holding AG

1. January - 31. December20142013
(in CHF thousand)
Net profit for the year30'35230'165
Minority shareholders245170
Depreciation of tangible assets28'19427'429
Depreciation of intangible assets695699
Change in provisions-347717
Use of provisions-3'6900
Gain on sale of fixed assets-246-132
Depreciation of associated undertakings0622
Result associated undertakings-10
Profit on financial assets-171-344
Value adjustements of financial assets244
Other profit-making items not effecting liquidity11'209461
Cashflow networking capital56'26459'791

Decrease/increase in non-monetary current assets2'048-94
Decrease/increase in current liabilities (excl. financial liabilities and provisions)-1'6165'195
Net cash from operating activities56'69664'892

Purchase of fixed assets-56'981-29'226
Purchase of other not associated shareholdings0-45
Purchase of financial fixed assets-1-2
Purchase of intangible assets-2'068-513
Disposal of fixed assets880411
Disposal of financial assets1'23961
Net cash from investing activities-56'931-29'314
Free Cashflow-23535'578

Increase in financial liabilities3'239209
Reduction in financial liabilities-740-3'240
Purchase of treasury shares including transaction costs-1'352-1'651
Disposal of treasury shares597343
Transaction costs of divestment treasury shares-2-1
Dividend paid 3rd parties-23-22
Dividend paid Jungfrau Railway Holding AG-10'455-10'482
Net cash from financing activities-8'736-14'844

Net decrease/increase in cash and cash equivalents-8'97120'734
Cash and cash equivalents at January 1st58'66837'934
Cash and cash equivalents at December 31st49'69758'668
Net decrease/increase in cash and cash equivalents-8'97120'734

1 Primarily sharesprogramm for board of directors, board of management and staff