2015 Group Balance Sheet per 30.06.2015 / 31.12.2014

per 30th June 2015
(in thousand CHF)30.06.15%31.12.14%
Current assets
Cash and cash equivalents23'09949'697
Trade accounts receivable12'4727'910
Other receivables3'901174
Prepayments and accrued revenues8'0107'808
Total current assets48'9958.566'85711.7

Fixed assets
Financial assets4'3274'339
Tangible assets513'427492'446
Intangible assets7'1835'818
Total fixed assets524'93791.5502'60388.3

Total assets573'932100.0569'460100.0

Liabilities and shareholders' equity
Debt capital
Accounts payable 20'96818'504
Sohrt-term debt740740
Other liabilities2'2936'722
Accruals and deffered income15'44115'080
Total current liabilities41'4637.241'9657.4

Long-term debt23'88723'022
Provisions 43'47543'648
Total long-term liabilities 67'36211.866'67011.7
Total liabilities108'82519.0108'63519.1

Shareholders' equity
Share capital8'7538'753
Capital reserves-2'251-2'259
Treasury shares-1'544-1'561
Consolidated reserves454'721450'542
Minority interests5'4285'350

Total shareholders' equity465'10781.0460'82580.9

Total liabilities and shareholders' equity573'932100.0569'460100.0

You will find the complete information in six months report of Jungfraubahn Holding AG. Link to semi-annual report