Construction site info – April 2020

The building owners are fully implementing the official coronavirus regulations regarding hygiene and distancing on all construction sites. These can be easily implemented as there is sufficient space on large construction sites to ensure the necessary distance between individual construction workers during work and breaks. In terms of group transport, the number of people per vehicle is reduced by distributing them over several vehicles. There are enough parking spaces available. The construction sites at Grindelwald Grund and on the Eiger Glacier are therefore continuing to operate normally (as at: 25/03/2020).

The following works are currently ongoing and planned for the coming weeks:

Grindelwald Terminal

Grindelwald Terminal BOB stop:

  • Continuation of environmental work (backfilling, finishing work, access to platform from Kantonstrasse) depending on weather conditions

Terminal building:

  • Continuation of the interior work (floors, insulation, panel work, electrical, lighting, technical facilities, plumbing, lifts, shop fronts, heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities) in the finished shell construction

Eiger Express tricable gondola station:

  • Continuation of installation of cable car technology

Car park:

  • The concrete work on the walls and ceiling extend over the entire car park area (1st + 2nd floors on the terminal side, ground floor, 1st + 2nd lower floors on the Mountain Hostel side)

Eiger Glacier

  • Completion of shell construction / concrete work (ceilings) at the tricable gondola summit station
  • Continuation of the interior work (partition walls, lifts, electrical, heating, ventilation and sanitary facilities) in the finished shell construction
  • Start of installation of cable car technology at the tricable gondola summit station

The WAB material transports between Grund and Salzegg with intermediate storage in the two temporary Salzegg halls will continue to take place.

Eiger Express route

The preparatory work for the cable hoist with installation of the remaining auxiliary supports was started. At the end of April 2020, the work for the Eiger Express tricable gondola is due to start.

Blue run Eiger Glacier to Fallboden

Completion work is due to start in May 2020.

GGM Männlichen Railway

Maintenance work and conclusion of selective interior work at the middle and summit station.

Environmental work at the Hohbalm ski run crossing and at the middle and summit station.

Info Pavilion and construction site news

The Info-Pavilion by the office containers in Grindelwald Grund was temporarily closed due to the official requirements regarding coronavirus.

Questions or suggestions can be sent by e-mail to [email protected] . Those who prefer to be informed from home can visit www.jungfrau.ch/v-bahn.

The construction site coffee morning on Thursday, 2 April 2020 will not take place because of the requirements regarding coronavirus. A new date will be announced later.

Access to Grindelwald terminal and local bus

The terminal will remain temporarily closed due to the official regulations regarding coronavirus.

Access to the BOB stop is guaranteed at all times via the night access and access from the Rothenegg roundabout.

From 30 March 2020, the local bus will once again stop at the provisional bus stop at the Grindelwald Grund Intersport building. This regulation will certainly apply until 19 May 2020 (expected start of summer operation of the Männlichen Railway).

Project of the Grindelwald municipality: flood protection and development

Construction work in the area of Grindelwald Grund station and terminal:

  • Flood protection hydraulics Mountain Hostel to Wärgistalbach
  • Assembly work for banister rails on WAB wall
  • Recultivation work west of the Vorlandbrücke
  • Flood protection wall Grundbrücke – Mountain Hostel
  • Construction of the works line and footpath along the Mountain Hostel

Jungfrau Railways, GGM and the municipality of Grindelwald thank all those affected for their understanding for the ongoing construction work and wish everyone good health.

Contact for questions or concerns:

[email protected] or 033 828 71 11