Construction site info V-Cableway - 26 September 2019

The construction sites in Grindelwald Grund, on the Eiger glacier, along the tricable gondola route and the Männlichen Railway are running as normal. All sub-projects are on track.

Grindelwald Terminal

Grindelwald Terminal BOB stop (Rothenegg):

• Continuation of the expansion of the railway operation
• Continuation of the shell construction of the stair tower at the west underpass
• Continuation of foundations for stop access at Grindelwald terminal from Kreisel Rothenegg

Terminal building:

• Conclusion of concrete work
• Backfill of north side building
• Continuation of the interior work (floors, insulation, electrical, heating, ventilation and sanitary works) in the finished shell construction
• Expansion of the premises for the commissioning of the Männlichen Railway
• Continuation of supply lines and road construction

GGM stations and tricable Eiger Express:

▪ Conclusion of installation of the aerial cableway technology at the GGM valley station
▪ Continuation of metal and timber construction of the exterior walls/roof at the tricable gondola Eiger Express valley station

Car park:

• Continuation of the excavation pit work
• Continuation of the concrete work for walls and ceiling, first and second basement levels

Eiger Glacier

• Continuation of shell construction/concrete work (floor/walls/ceilings) Eiger Glacier station arrival floor
• Continuation of shell construction/concrete work (floors/walls/ceilings) for the tricable gondola summit station main floor

The WAB material transports between Grund and Salzegg with intermediate storage in the two temporary Salzegg halls will be intensified for the concrete work and take place in parallel to the normal railway operation of the WAB.

Eiger Express route

▪ Conclusion of construction works for the foundations of support column 7
• Fitting of support column 7 by Garaventa

Blue run Eiger Glacier to Fallboden

• Conclusion of earth and embankment reinforcement work

Info Pavilion and construction site news

The Info Pavilion at the office containers in Grindelwald Grund is open seven days a week from 08.00 – 18.00 h. Questions or suggestions can be put into a letter box at the feedback salon or sent by e-mail to [email protected]. Those who prefer to be informed from home can visit www.jungfrau.ch/v-bahn.

GGM Männlichen Railway

▪ Continuation of interior work at the middle and summit station
• Delivery of the new 10-seater gondolas to Grindelwald
▪ Conclusion of installation of the aerial cableway technology at the GGM valley station
• Continuation of test drives on both sections
• Installation of the photovoltaic system on the roof of the summit station

The bus (rail replacement) to the Männlichen is still in operation on Sunday, 13 October 2019. It departs from the Grindelwald Grund WAB station. Timetable: www.maennlichen.ch.

Parking situation, local bus and bus stop

The Männlichen car park is no longer available for parking. The replacement parking spaces on the south side of the Lütschine and east of the Werkhof will remain in place. The parking at Talgietli and Kilchboden can also be used. The parking is provided via a transport service. The parking fee is CHF 5 per day. There is a night-time parking ban for buses in the Talgietli car park. To this end, night parking is available in the village on Bärplatz.

Project of the Grindelwald municipality:
Flood protection and development

Construction work in the area of Grindelwald Grund station:

• Road and supply line construction on Grundstrasse
• Site trail and Lütschine hydraulics along Kirchbodenstrasse
• Expansion of WAB Grund transformer station

Jungfrau Railways, GGM and the municipality of Grindelwald thank all those affected for their understanding for the ongoing construction work.

Contact for questions or concerns: [email protected] or +41 33 828 71 11