Construction site information February 2019

Since the start of construction of the V-Cableway, significant contracts have already been awarded to companies in the region. Overall, by the end of 2018, orders totalling CHF 100.5 million were granted to companies from the Bernese Oberland. This corresponds to 95% of the order value at the end of 2018 (excluding Garaventa cable cars).

A total of 36 companies/joint ventures have been considered so far, 26 of them from the region. Currently, 220 external workers (planners & construction workers) are involved in the realisation of the once-in-a-generation project.

Construction work from January 2019
Whenever weather conditions permitted, construction work on the Grindelwald terminal and the Eiger glacier continued in January 2019 to meet the tight schedule. The following works are currently ongoing and planned for the coming weeks:

Grindelwald Terminal
Rothenegg stop:
• Continuation of the shell construction of the Rothenegg platform system
Grindelwald Terminal:
• Delivery and installation of the 2nd transformers for the power supply
of Grindelwald installation work BKW transformer
• Shell (floor slab and walls) for the Rothenegg access corridors
and for the northern tract of the terminal
GGM stations and tricable Eigerexpress:
• Shell construction (base plate and walls) of the new valley stations

Eiger Glacier
• Continuation of rock excavation for the cavern mountain station and rock extraction for the Eiger Glacier station will continue, depending on the weather situation.

The WAB material transports between Grund and Salzegg with intermediate storage in the two temporary Salzegg halls take place over the entire winter in parallel with normal railway operation.

Eigerexpress route
The construction and assembly work will be suspended until spring 2019.

Info Pavilion and construction site news
The Info Pavilion at the office containers in Grindelwald Grund is open seven days a week from 08.00 – 18.00 h. Questions or suggestions can be put into a letterbox at the feedback salon
or sent by e-mail to [email protected]. Those who prefer to be informed from home can visit www.jungfrau.ch/v-bahn.

GGM Männlichen Railway
During winter there is no construction and assembly work. Minor works are carried out inside the stations. The construction and assembly work will continue from 1 April 2019.

Access to the GGM for all winter sports enthusiasts takes place along the Lütschine via a secured path. Delivery of goods takes place via the construction site access and is always guaranteed.

Parking situation, ski and local bus and bus stop
Thanks to the replacement parking spaces on the south bank of the Lütschine and east of the Werkhof, 150 more parking spaces will be available than in previous winter seasons. The parking is provided via a transport service. The parking fee remains CHF 5 per day. In order for snow removal to be possible, a general night-time parking ban applies to all parking spaces. Access to the GGM and WAB railway facilities from the parking spaces on the south bank of the Lütschine is via the ski bridge and the
temporary pedestrian walkway at the Mountain Hostel. For all guests in Grindelwald, we recommend using the ski bus, which runs every 15 minutes. The bus stop is located directly in front of the Info Pavilion.

Project of the Grindelwald municipality:
Flood protection and development
Construction work in the area of Grindelwald Terminal station:
• Works on the flood protection wall and north bank reinforcement
• Beginning of the bridge construction over the Lütschine

Jungfrau Railways, GGM and the municipality of Grindelwald thank all those affected for their understanding for the ongoing construction work.

Contact for questions or concerns:
[email protected] or 033 828 71 11