Marc Trauffer and Francine Jordi open new summit attractions on the Schynige Platte

Schynige Platte stands for Swiss tradition and railway nostalgia. To strengthen their position on the fiercely competitive market and to improve the experience on the mountain, Jungfrau Railways has created new summit attractions. Today, Wednesday 3 July 2019, these attractions were opened together with Marc Trauffer and Francine Jordi.

The relatively long journey by cogwheel railway as well as a lack of summit attractions for the whole family have presented great challenges for the Schynige Platte in recent years. A utility analysis to test out various new developments on the Schynige Platte has shown that the nostalgic cogwheel railway is important for the Schynige Platte Railway and is at the heart of the current development. At the same time, it was clear that the experience must be improved. “This is why I am delighted to inaugurate today, together with Francine Jordi and Marc Trauffer, the new summit attractions, which will strengthen the Top of Swiss Tradition positioning significantly”, said Jungfrau Railway CEO Urs Kessler on 3 July 2019 on the Schynige Platte, before invited guests and media.

Adventure trail with photo point
Urs Kessler took his guests on the new Swiss Flower Panorama Cheese Trail. The name says it all: there's hardly any other spot in the Alps that compares with the variety of flowers on the Schynige Platte. Depending on the season, guests can come across crocuses, gentians, alpine roses or edelweiss and many other varieties. “The new photo point with Lily the wooden cow from Trauffer's Children's Dream Factory has real zeitgeist and will ensure that countless pictures of the Schynige Platte and its rich alpine flora will go around the world”, believes Kessler.

Hot pot and rooms with starry skies
Overnight guests of the Schynige Platte mountain hotel have enjoyed a dip in the “hot pot” hot tub under the open sky since the beginning of July 2019. This can be reserved exclusively.

In the mountain hotel, all rooms were renovated at the beginning of the current summer season and have been given a starry sky. The Austrian artist Heinz Prünster used a painting technique he developed himself using pure natural materials. The Starseed Starry Sky is unique in Switzerland. As the ceiling appears inconspicuously white throughout the day, it turns into a glowing starry sky after dark. It is based on the real starry sky of the western hemisphere. The artwork does not need artificial light sources or electricity. In July, there is a special opportunity to try out the hot pot and the starry sky rooms. An overnight stay in a double room, including train journey, a bath in the hot pot with Prosecco and a 5-course evening meal plus breakfast buffet is available for 149 Swiss francs per person.

On the adventure playground with Lily the cow
An attraction for little Schynige Platte visitors is the new Alpine Playground, which was created in collaboration with Marc Trauffer. In the centre stands the new mascot – Lily the carved cow by Marc Trauffer. Lily and her animal friends are the well-known originals from the Children's Dream Factory from Trauffer’s wooden toys. “I am proud to be the patron of the playground”, said Trauffer.

New and ongoing brand ambassadors
Francine Jordi has been the Brand Ambassador for Schynige Platte since July 2016. The popular pop singer fits the Schynige Platte like no other and invites her fans time and again to “her” excursion mountain. “I’ve always had a very special relationship with this region”, she explained.

Marc Trauffer was hired for the creation of the photo point and playground. He is not only famous as a singer, but also for his wooden cows. Those in charge are convinced that the new mascot Lily will raise the profile of the Schynige Platte. More is planned for Lily the cow.

The collaboration between Marc Trauffer and Jungfrau Railways has stepped up in recent years. He has also taken part several times in SnowpenAir. Most recently he shot a music video with Gölä entitled “Büetzer Buebe” at the Wengernalp Railway depot. Today, Urs Kessler announced that Marc Trauffer is the new brand ambassador for Jungfrau Railways. “We already have some ideas and projects in mind”, revealed the Jungfrau Railways CEO.