New situation at Grindelwald Grund at the start of the construction of the V-Cableway

After more than five years of planning, the V-Cableway project is about to be realised. In order to keep to the tight schedule, construction is planned to begin on 4 June 2018. The parking situation in Grindelwald Grund is currently being adapted to the installation of construction site logistics.

Jungfrau Railways and Männlichen Railway (GGM) are awaiting planning approval including the granting of the licences until the end of May 2018. This will ensure timely commissioning of the Grindelwald-Männlichen gondola lift in December 2019, and the Eigerexpress tricable gondola can be opened by the end of 2020.

The schedule is tight, which is why the two railway companies, in coordination with the municipality of Grindelwald, have been carrying out initial preparations since April until the planned start of construction on 4 June 2018.

Adjustments for visitors
The parking lot of the GGM will remain until March 2019. However, the area will be gradually reduced as construction progresses. The Grindelwald local bus will continue to stop on the GGM parking lot, the station will shift in parallel to the reduction in area. All coaches will park in the Talgietli car park (daytime only) from now on. Access to Intersport and the customer car parks remain unchanged. Access for residents of Grundstrasse 35–43 is along the installation site. At present, inquiries are being made to gain more space for parking at Grund over the entire construction phase. Sufficient places have already been secured for the winter seasons 2018/2019 and 2019/2020.

Railway operation and project info
GGM will be in operation unchanged up to and including winter season 2018/2019. During the summer of 2019, it will be closed in order to start the winter season 2019/2020 on time in December 2019 with the new 10-passenger gondola cableway from the Grund terminus. Männlichen is not accessible to Grindelwald visitors in the summer season 2019. Also in December 2019, the direct connection to the public transport system takes place with the opening of the new Rothenegg BOB station. WAB will operate throughout the construction period according to the timetable. The Eigerexpress will open in December 2020 together with all the parts of the terminal and the parking garage.

Those interested can find out about the project and its progress from July 2018 in the info room at Grindelwald Grund as well as on our website www.jungfrau.ch/en-gb/corporate/v-cableway-project/project/. Newsletters and invitations to round-table discussions also regularly provide information to the public and those directly affected.

As a rule, no night work is planned during the realisation. In the immediate vicinity of the construction site in Grund, some construction site noise is expected during the day. Jungfrau Railways, GGM and the municipality of Grindelwald thank all those affected for their understanding.