See the most accurate weather at jungfrau.ch

Ski areas and destinations are dependent on appropriate weather conditions. With their new website, Jungfrau Railways are reacting to this need and, since Wednesday, 30 November 2016, have been offering the most accurate weather possible on jungfrau.ch.

Day guests can plan their trip or winter sports day at increasingly short notice. Weather forecasts have a considerable influence on the weekend activities of the average Swiss. So that Jungfrau Railway guests can optimise their plans, the new website offers the most accurate weather information possible. This is made possible by Jörg Kachelmann's weather service and his 1x1 kilometre model.

"The Jungfrau region is close to our hearts. With the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, we not only have the most impressive mountains in Switzerland but, with the Guggiföhn, a local wind phenomenon, also the most impressive weather," says Kachelmann. He explains, "With our 1x1 kilometre model, we are able to assess even the most small scale effects." This means that he and his team are looking forward to the collaboration between myth and Mönch and to cooperation with the region. That includes entering the International Lauberhorn Race in January. "In honour of Viktor Gertsch, we would love two metres of snow before Christmas and then three weeks of cloudless skies at minus 3 degrees," according to the well-known weatherman.

New website

Since Wednesday, 30 November 2016, Jungfrau Railways presents its new website. The focus is on subject pages tailored to the individual needs of guests. The user can find what they want without going to the home page and find information more quickly. The users will find information according to location. The stakeholder-centred website provides a further focus on images. The content is optimised, with the aim of achieving a high ranking on search engines for the site. The new site offers the latest standard of technology, performance and security, As well as an emphasis on the most accurate weather service possible, there are innovative topographical maps, which are supplemented with interactive elements. With jung-frau.ch, Jungfrau Railways has managed to implement an important part of their online strategy.

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